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Kyushu Electric restarts Sendai No. 1 reactor


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At least Kyushu EPC restarted after completing their recommended upgrades and getting approval, compared with Tohoku Electric who got approval for Onagawa, even without completing their upgrades, due to be finished in Feb 2023!

However, a new rule was set by the NRA in the wake of the Fukushima disaster which limits the operational life of nuclear reactors to 40 years. Kyushu 1 has operated since 1984, Kyushu 2 since 1985, and therefore will only be able to operate a few more years. Don't know if the prolonged shut-down time is subtracted from the 40-year life. Guess the NRA/nuclear village will make a new rule or exception to keep them going...

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Sendai is one of the most dangerous NPPs. It is also the most far away from Tokyo.

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Goodluck, you have to give some back-up to that first statement. I am not saying that you are wrong, but in what sense are you saying it is 'dangerous'?

(I am aware of three or four possible problems there.)

Even though it is the furthest NPP from Tokyo, prevailing winds would probably carry stuff north-east to Tokyo and beyond.

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Good news. We need the power. We are happy that the facilities have all been greatly improved for safety, from both terrorist activities and against natural disasters.

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