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Architect Ando tastes concrete success in Tokyo retrospective

By Karyn Nishimura-Poupee

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The world is a uglier place, thanks to Ando's designs, which look like a cross between a maximum-security prison and a religious cult's secret factory for producing toxic nerve gas.

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Konicha wa Ando Sensei.

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@NCIS, concrete is a pretty drab material, but that is borderline offensive to ascribe prison and chemical weapons factory qualities to the well regarded museums and homes that Ando does. If his buildings were that oppressive, I don't think you would find people living in them. Which architects would you rather see get the Pritzker, and what makes you prefer their work?

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I have to agree i find him ugly and uninspiring. I am curious why he receives so much success. I'm no expert, but Gaetano Pesce's building in Osaka is pretty cool. I also think Ado's stuff is pretty horrible.

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I like Tadao Ando designs, he makes buildings that are inspiring. something like unisex, unidimensional, timeless building that look pretty with low maintenance.

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only have experience of Omotesando hills, and there the acoustics are terrible…. like almost everywhere, I should add…. and not what I call human-friendly…. the exterior looks pretty at night, but….

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