Tainted water leak suspected at Fukushima nuclear plant


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"may have leaked since April"

Isn't it September now?

perhaps they meant since April 2011? No news there then.

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Suspected? TEPCO speak massive leak ongoing, don't know what to do. Not a problem.

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Imagine if this disater had happened in a country with a free media. Here in Japan all information about Fukushima comes under the State Secrets Act and what little they do relaese is filtered through Kyodo, the country's equivalent of Pravda.

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Dude, it's not a leak if it's been going on since 2011. It's a steady stream and it's a part of your ecosystem at this point.

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Radioactive material has circled the globe numerous times even setting off alarms on one encirclement in Korea!

There is no 'maybe' about it...,,

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Let's all eat Fukushima rice, fish and vegetables to support the local people so they can go home.

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Goodlucktoyou: "Let's all eat Fukushima rice, fish and vegetables to support the local people so they can go home."

Exactly! That's precisely the kind of line the government would pull, "Since there may have been radiation leaks, rather than harm the feelings of the farmers of the area, why don't we all share in the produce?"

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Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc (TEPCO) said it is still unknown, due to a problem with monitoring equipment, whether radiation-contaminated water actually leaked from damaged reactor buildings.

It's TEPCO, of course it actually leaked.

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TEPCO = The Environmental Pollution COmpany

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An update.

New research published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that radioactive cesium from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is collecting in the sands and groundwater along a 60-mile (100-km) stretch of coastline near the facility. Cesium-137 is a radioactive isotope of cesium (a soft, silvery-gold metal) that’s formed by nuclear fission and potentially fatal to humans when exposed to high concentrations.

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