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Taiwan activists head back after protest voyage near disputed islands


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If Japan really thinks it owns the island, just mine the sea around the island and the island itself. China, Taiwan and Korea are not going to back down unless hard diplomacy is used. But they should be ready for a fight. Otherwise, gift it to China if they are too weak to retain it or Japan will lose face eventually.

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jason6 at 12:06 PM JST - 14th September China, Taiwan and Korea are not going to back down unless hard diplomacy >is used.


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Perhaps The Chinese foreign ministry should learn from this, that when instructed to leave you simply leave. If that's a problem you file a complaint or protest. You don't run around and ram other vessels.

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The Chinese appear to be itching for a fight. Dangerous game here.

Japan is in a tough spot, as China is sending their fishing trawlers, large intelligence ships, warships, patrol boats, and submarines in and around these islands on a daily basis.

All this trespassing essentially invalidates Japan's claim to ownership.

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mushroomcloud, if China wants a fight we will give them one! The SDF should be able to run up a score on the obsolete Chinese fighters. Did you know they have the equivalent of Mig 21s? I predict the tally will be over 100 to 1. Their navy is obsolete as well, the Maritime SDF specializes in hunting down subs. China talks the good talk but numbers alone are not going to win them battles.

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YuriOtani- So where do you get your information on China's military? Take a look here (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/plaaf-equip.htm) Im sorry but Japan will get its a$$ handed to them. Also I do recall the JMSDF has been crashing a lot of the ships. God help Japan if they get into it with China

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The JSDF is in fact more than a match for the Chinese PLA/PLAN in terms of limited engagements a category which covers arguments over silly islands. The JSDF is not however a match for a full scale conflict, but that really is irrelevant since that would bring the United States into the picture. And China will back down in he face of a direct conflict with the United States.

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China is dealing with international incident. It's a shame that Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu made Chinese public to want to bash Japan during negotiation. Yu warned the ‘‘highly sensitive’’ issue has already triggered a strong reaction from the Chinese public, and she expressed hope Japan will recognize its ‘‘gravity.’‘ Jiang added that the issue, if improperly handled, will affect bilateral relations. This statement is out of line for Foreign Ministry of China and should hould be handled diplomatically. Why Jiang Yu would backtrack what she said four days ago to today and say "public should behave calmly" after damage has been done? Jiang Yu does not have any idea on Foreign Policy.

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