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Taiwan first lady's visit to Japan back on again


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They were brought to the island by Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek, when he fled to Taiwan after losing the Chinese civil war to the communists in 1949.

Which was wrong, but probably best in the long run.

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This is strange. Can Taiwan actually call it a National Museum when they haven't declared themselves a sovereign independent country separate from China (PRC)?

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Which was wrong, but probably best in the long run.


So, yeah, probably best in the long run.

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Ossan, as far as Taiwan is concerned, they are still the original legitimate nation of China - the leadership of which had to retreat to one region to escape the communists who rolled in and set up a renegade new nation called the People's Republic.

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This is something I don't agree with the official Japanese position... Japan should recognize Taiwan as a Nation, instead of not wanting to disturbed our "special" neighbor China.

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Glad this was resolved.

Taiwan has always been good to Japan in times of need.

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China never professed to be in a rush to recover its "renegade province". Mao Tse-tung said it could take 100 years. His successor, Deng Xiaoping, stretched this out to perhaps 1,000. But the 1997 reversion of Hong Kong from British rule to China made Beijing's rulers impatient to apply the "One China, two systems" formula to Taiwan.

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Japan doesn't really have many Asian friends. It'd be a shame for Japan to have one less friend over something so small. Please put more though into your friends instead of yourself.

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Yes they can. The official policy of Taiwan is they are the legitimate government of all of China.


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Japan doesn't really have many Asian friends.

You might not be aware of this but Japan has some very good friends, and more than Mainland China too.

Which is a real shame, not about Japan, but because Chinese civilization is very beautiful. I'd like to see the people there better off.

In the meantime, I agree with comments above that Taiwan is one these good friends and should be recognized as such.

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Japan doesn't really have many Asian friends.

Japan has very positive and friendly relations with every Asian country except the two Koreas and China. Taiwan is sort of on and off, depending on the government there but the populace generally has positive feelings about Japan.

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Taiwan is a province of China !

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Nice. :)

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@sooner41 if by that you mean the Republic of China, then sure, of course! Peking will also be in the Republic of China when the criminals currently in charge are deposed.

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