Taiwan fishermen plan to sail to disputed islands


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Becoming crowded there...

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"So do the Taiwan Chinese and the PRC Chinese see themselves as being at odds over sovereignty? PRC says "one China." Taiwan says, "Well, not exactly."

Indeed. Luckily, these fishermen do not represent the actual official position held by the Taiwanese government. They, at least, still understand the importance of playing nice.

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I might open my own business soon promoting boat trips to the Senkaku Islands. I would make a fortune!

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-1?! Someone needs to get a sense of humour.

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KariHaruka, Maybe its the way you said it or it may just be the -1 fairy that goes around and just does its stuff.

I wonder when the Koreans are going there.

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One thing you don't know is that either China or Taiwan hold those islets, both of them won't hurt fishermen, but Japanese always treat others' fishermen brutally. It's true even some of you might hard to believe it.

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If I were Japan I'd let all the 1000 whatever fishing boats sit there waiting for what they'd think is an impending battle for the islands. Go ahead, waste your time. When you run out of provisions you'll limp back home having accomplished nothing.

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wow! Everyone wants fishes from Senkaku Islands.

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