Taiwan, Japan to discuss orderly fishing near Senkaku isles next week


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Good first step. Many uninhabited island disputes should be resolved by simply internationalizing them.

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Should be a protected nature reserve

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Taiwan is the country that originally had a claim to the Senkakus because of the fisheries. China usurped their claim on the grounds that "Taiwan is a rogue Chinese province" and advanced their own claim for strategic purposes. Taiwan and Japan are able to work together while China can not.

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Republic of China, please drop all your dubious “claims” on the Senkakus. Then, and only then, you will be permitted unlimited fishing in the EEZ around the island.

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Careful with this one Japan. China thinks, incorrectly, that Taiwan is part of mainland China. They will view these discussions as Tokyo/Beijing talks.

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Taiwan is the country that originally had a claim to the Senkakus because of the fisheries. 

Before that (the early 1900s), there was a Japanese-Okinawan fishery being run from these islands.

And long before that (before Taiwan was even settled), Yaeyaman and Yonagunian people fished in the waters.

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@ Ossan

In early 1870s a Japanese vessel crashed off Taiwan, some aboriginal tribe who were headhunters beheaded several Japanese. The Japanese government asked for compensation from the Chinese (Qing ), the Chinese told the Japanese that even though much of Taiwan was their jurisdiction ,some tribes were not completely subjugated. Still, China went ahead and paid the Japanese quite a huge number of Kunming Taels. Taiwan was a Chinese province and still even after the first Sino- Japanese war (1894) who did the Japanese get Taiwan from?

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Japan is Japan. Taiwan is Taiwan. China is China. Let’s all be friends and work together for the benefit of all.

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Long live a free and independent non-Chinese Taiwan.

Fortunately the rest of the world sees through China’s delusion that Taiwan is part of China. We all know it’s an independent nation.

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And you can bet that there will be a Japanese coast-guard boat in the area ensuring that the "line" doesnt get crossed.

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They should look to the Fisheries agreements between the UK and France in order to understand complications... and try to figure out practical ways to resolve those matters, which may also be beneficial to the UK/France going forward - in an International Sense.

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Japan should just put a permanent coast guard station on the islands.

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