Taiwan lifts import ban on Japanese food linked to Fukushima disaster


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Great. I guess you are also importing beef from Chernobyl by now.

Nothing happened just a radioactive explosion to last for centuries...

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The Taiwanese must be happy with extra ingredients in their food then?

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"Amid efforts to secure Japanese support for its bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement..."

Ah, okay. Only took the second sentence. Thought maybe it was about improved safety measures and decreased risk or something.

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The other day I saw Korean and Japanese (Iwate) seaweed at the supermarket. I chose the Korean one.

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The timing makes it terribly obvious there was never a safety component to the ban, it was just an excuse to pressure the Japanese government to their interests. It was clear even before but at least now they are no longer pretending.

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i expect that fukushima mineral water will be on top of list than,greetings to Taipei...

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I feel sorry for the Taiwanese consumers not realizing the dangers of eating Fukushima food products!

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Even Japanese avoid food from Fukushima but Taiwan Governments disregard for safety is mind blowing! But then again lot of food from Fukushima already find its way abroad under the “ Produce of Japan “ label! Fools abroad don’t realize this!

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given the amount of made in china foods i see at the store, people either don't care or are forced to choose with their wallet. i'd pick produce from japan any day over anything from china, nobrainer.

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As fallout has been found all over North-East Japan, I would personally avoid all food products from there.

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The other day I saw Korean and Japanese (Iwate) seaweed at the supermarket. I chose the Korean one.

Wow - that boycott will really show the Japanese!

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This is why residents in Fukushima Prefecture continue to suffer. Bunch of people here who can barely find Fukushima on a map, don't realize that the nuclear powerplant is located far on the coast, while most of the population lives in the western half of the prefecture quite far from the impacted area, and separated by a large mountain range. Yet because of these stereotypes and rumors, ignorant people think everything in Fukushima is radioactive

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So much fearmongering here when Olympic athletes ate produce from Fukushima.

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I agree with yamanashistud. The people of Fukushima have suffered so much and are working so hard to rebuild. They don't deserve this stigma.

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I too, agree with yamanashistud.

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