Taiwanese activists demand Japan pay for damaged boat


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Sounds like the activists received the repair bill from the owner of the fishing boat, and now they don't want to accept responsibility for getting the fishing boat damaged. I suppose they'd rather have been shot at with projectiles instead of water. They were trespassing as far as the Japanese were concerned. The response was appropriate.

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They should go on Judge Judy show.

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UHHH...first of all why on heavens Earth would you sail into DISPUTED TERRITORY! When your own country is also one of the countries in the dispute? Did you honestly think it wouldn't have repercussions? Maybe, though, this was a plan of theirs. There are criminals out there who do the exact same thing with different situations

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I wonder how the Japanese whalers how sailed into Australian water around Macquarie Island would have reacted if Australian authorities wrecked their boats?

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These Taiwanese activists have backbones! They are doing a GREAT JOB! If Japan won't pay, as expected, they should press the Taiwanese government to demand payment from the Japanese government on their behalf. Now this will hopefully embarrass the Taiwanese government to act . After all since Taiwan claim the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, it is the responsibility of the Taiwanese government to make whole the damaged boat of the activists. Failure to act simply means the Taiwanese government is not doing her duty protecting her citizens!

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