Taiwanese tourists hurt in deer rampage at Nikko


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I think bambi was the victim here. As tame as those deer look, their dna is still wired for flight when startled

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A single deer gets startled, and that's a "rampage"?

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It is mating season .... wild animals will be very territorial

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A single deer gets startled, and that's a "rampage"?

The "rampage" was in the shop... (He was probably thirsty and was looking for something to drink...)

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It couldn't be helped. There were no nearby rice fields set aside for deer where it could have taken refuge. Shikataganai.

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If these ladies were injured by the deer attacking them, I would understand why this would be news. They were startled and slipped which can happen to anyone at anytime like twisting an ankle. Maybe because they were foreign tourists that this is front page news here.

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Deer mating season was last fall. They are going to be giving birth right now and will be very protective. Still, they will usually not attack if you stand firm and make a lot of noise. Then again, I wouldn't expect many people in Japan or Taiwan would know that.

Bears on the other hand are hungry and are at the top of the food chain....

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The deer are pests and chase you if you have food. They should cull the herd down a little.

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I'd slap the deer in the head if it harassed me! Nah just joking lol. I'd probably ride it.

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They are pests and do need culling as Mackeral says. Also hand feeding them is no help. They have zero fear of humans. A riled 100 lb. deer can be a real challenge for most any human.

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