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Takarazuka Revue director to quit post after death of actress


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Weak... damn, do you have any clue how difficult it is to become an actor / actress in Japan? The power to hire and fire is all at the Top and if you step out of line just a bit your career is over. This Top down power platform permeates througout many organizations in Japan but recently due to the Johnny's sex scandal women are able to speak out more. Of course... this isn't just a Japan problem, Hollywood and Bollywood have, for years, had their problems too. But that said, Japan might be even worse due to its culture of keeping quiet and not causing a stir. This is a sad story... not one of a "weak" woman.

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If he donated his pension fund to the grieving family or to a charity fighting bullying I might believe there was some degree of true contrition. As it is, a few meaningless words, a bow and on to another well paid job no doubt.

There needs to be real consequences for top management where they oversee or turn a blind eye to bullying.

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 …..conveyed to the bereaved family his intention to apologize.

This says a lot about their lack of shame and responsibility.

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Didn't this unfortunate suicide happen about a year ago? Why has it taken so long for this resignation?

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Bullying is a way of life in Japan, from the homes of individuals to the school kids playgrounds well into their work environment. It's a learn trait that no one seems to want to stop!

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This has taken a very long time, but it’s a start. If bullying and harassment resulting in a death is admitted, an Intention to apologise is not good enough. A serious crime has been committed, where are the police?

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