Teacher's kick leaves student with broken bone at prestigious Tokyo school


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and has largely admitted to the allegation, 

Just what does this mean?Either you kicked him or you didn't. Kick this guy out of the industry.

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So, do we want to start the discussion on bullying in Japanese schools again? If so, we need to start with the teachers. The sports teachers in Japanese schools are by far the common perpetrators of violence in the name of discipline and what they call, character building.

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Perhaps if teachers here could get the same vacation length as the students, they would be much more calmer and caring. They are forced to go to the office to sit at their desks during all vacations with nothing to do.

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He should have been fired on the spot if he struck a student, much less kicked him.

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adding the boy has already recovered from his injury.

Well, that's all right then. A broken rib that's all better after only two months.

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"It is a fact that there was an inappropriate incident, but we cannot give its details as we are consulting the police," said a public relations official at the school......

What he hasnt been arrested wtf is wrong with this Country its so backwards in so many ways..

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It's a shame to see this still happening. My high school heads have explicitly told all teachers that corporal punishment is unacceptable and would result in being terminated. They have been doing this for years now.

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“He should have been fired on the spot if he struck a student, much less kicked him.”

Until such time as people here stop excusing such excesses on the grounds that tough love never hurt anyone, so will we continue to see students sporting broken bones and worse. Far from prejudicing his career, his old school disciplinary tactics will have only served to burnish his credentials as the turn to man whenever a little of the old ultra violence is needed.

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The ramification of his careless act will bring serious repercussions!

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Look what he did was unacceptable, but we need to know the full circumstances. If it's the first time and he is an exemplary teacher, a warning should be enough. There are not enough good teachers around, and remember one swallow ....

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If it's the first time and he is an exemplary teacher, a warning should be enough.

A warning and a 'ring of death' booting from the rib kid and his pals, that'll satisfy everyone.

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In my beloved country... the student beat the teacher... what a weird world.

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Older teachers are usually more tempered and mature not to mention their wealth of experience.

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Older teachers are usually more tempered and mature not to mention their wealth of experience.

I wouldn't wish some of my teachers on my worst enemies. Absolute bastards (and violent at it) of all ages.

Teacher deserves to lose his job over this.

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quercetum - Older teachers are usually more tempered and mature not to mention their wealth of experience.

Wow! The above statement is very naive. I've worked in 26 different private and public high schools and colleges in nearly twenty years here and I've seen stuff teachers have done to children that should have put them in prison for life. I saw one 'older' teacher smack a junior 3 kid on the top of the head so hard it nearly knocked him out, just because he forgot his textbook. I've seen teachers wrestling with students quite a few times. I saw an 'older' female teacher stab a senior high boy in the shoulder with her pen drawing a stream of blood through his shirt. I should add that, the most serious of the incidents I have witnessed were carried out in private high schools. The teachers in public high schools are too afraid of monster parents to take any action against unruly students. They just make easy tests to get the students through graduation, kind of like McDonalds - Come in, eat your meal and leave. The bullying in Japanese schools by teachers is part of the preparation for the students to join Nippon Kaigi and spend the next 30 years of their working life being bullied by superiors. It's only after they become a superior can they dish out the same crap they have been subjected to for the past 40 years. TIJ!

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@Disillusioned, out of curiosity - did you report any of these incidents to the police? I wish one, just one teacher had the guts to do it back when I was a pupil but nope, they covered for each other and were cowards, for the most part.

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Our daily staple of violence meted out on the weak by the strong is but a microcosm of the larger society. It's like very many people are in a state of a wound-up spring just waiting for a trigger to go kinetic and unleash the venom accumulated within it .

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As a foreigner, it's madness to report anything you see at work. I've seen abuse on levels that makes me cry. I know if I say anything I'm the focuss not what I saw. Japanese justice works for Japanese and bears no relevance to any monecome of its actual dictionary meaning.

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A teacher at a prestigious Tokyo junior high school kicked a student as corporal punishment in mid-September and left him with a broken rib. The incident in late September and held an emergency meeting for parents to explain what happened, the sources said, adding the boy has already recovered from his injury.

Once again the above explains that the rich are above everyone else. Why is the public just being informed about this incident? Are we so below the poverty line and not worthy to know about these things until way after the fact?

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Cricky - Spot on. I was always told, "This is Japan! You do not understand our culture." The more abusive teachers were used as examples of "How it should be done."

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Seems like a very concerned parent might need to have a serious and lengthy conversation with teachers that prefer to abuse children. In private obviously so as not to intimidate the innocent onlooker.

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Really and What about the USA and the west?

So, you’re saying that Japan should the problem because other countries also have problems? Or what exactly is your point?

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Sounds like that guy needs a taste of his own medicine.

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In my country often it's the very contrary.

Students punch teachers trying to force them to fight back and go to prison. A teacher cannot react, if they ever touch a minor it's almost a decade of instant prison, and students know that.

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Funny, but if I broke my kid’s rib with a kick, then I am sure that I would be in prison..

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The board of education should do an immediate actions about it. Fired or took the license?

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Cue collective sucking of teeth, hissing sounds, and bowing at the correct inclination. Add recycled platitudes about learning from mistakes and ensuring that it never happens again. No lasting damage to careers. Clean as a proverbial whistle. Fast forward a few weeks to next similar incident. No need for dusting off the script because it’s always kept handy. Rinse, recycle, repeat.

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Sounds like this kid must have really pushed the teacher to snap.

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During my junior high days, I had a teacher who knocked down a student by "clotheslining" (wrestling move) him. He was fired on the spot. I can't even begin to image how much force it would take to break someone's rib, this guy wasn't punishing the kid, he was assaulting him. Don't fall for this apologies, send him to jail or blacklist him from being a teacher. I know that the kid must've done something to push the teacher to that end but he should know better. If this was a fight between J-high boys then I wouldn't bat an eye

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Simple rule that most organizations follow: commit physical violence at work/school/other and you're fired. Bye. Have a nice life. Don't let the door hit you . . .

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