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Team creates liver from stem cells


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The "Liver Shop" ---coming soon to a mall near you. Imagine the advertising: "New Body Parts - in about an hour"

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"New Body Parts - in about an hour"

If only, Farmboy. If only...

Homegrown is the way it should be...

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Where can I buy stock? Not for me but for my great granddaughter.

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This is great news

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Sounds good to me, end the trade in "donor" parts and there is no chance of rejection.

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How is that mouse doing these days? Chopped liver too?

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This is fantastic news!!!

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Yeah !!! You can joke, object and laugh about it but I hope someday you will not be afflicted with a fatal liver disease and the only way to save your life is by this stem cell produced liver. Let's see if you can still joke about it. Hahahahahaha

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Poor mouse. A liver growing in your brain.

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