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Emperor gives last New Year's address before abdication


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I must confess, I love Emperor Akahito. He was and is very much an Article One and Article Nine man. In his own quiet way, he has moved mountains for democracy and peace. And he nailed the last nail into the coffin of Meiji by abdicating.

He said, “It gives me deep comfort that the Heisei Era (his reign) is coming to an end, free of war in Japan.” I raise a glass in his honor for that.

He used his “speeeches and travels to express his strong pacifist views, which are sharply at odds with the aggressive expansionism Japan pursued under his father’s rule.”

I raise another glass to that.

Akahio is well-loved in Japan, except the warmongers. It is significant that Abe did not invite the royal family to the 150th anniversary memorial to the Meiji Era, knowing full well that the Emperor would touch on the dark side of that era (as reported in the Asahi and the Mainichi).

Yes, Heisai was short and sweet and above all at peace.

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I always feel strange that married daughters of emperors do not make public appearances of the royal family any more.

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Ive always liked his majesty as well. Ive always got the impression that there was a disconnect between the royals and the current government. I can see it in their facial expressions. I think his son will carry on with the pacifist views of his father. They are the ideal image of what it means to be Japanese, and I respect them allot.

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We have to ask the question asked to all who retire, "What are your plans now?" All respect to the Royal Couple.

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I've been to that Jan. 2 wingding three times up to now, although not this year. I wish NHK and the other media were a little more honest about reporting that there were also large numbers of foreigners -- mostly visiting tourists -- mixed in with the crowd. The police at the security checkpoint are extremely gracious, smiling and passing them little Japanese flags to wave, just like everyone else. I really came to appreciate the friendliness, openness and fairness toward all comers, Japanese and foreigners alike, with which this event is handled. It's a positive experience and maybe someday I'll go again.

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I think if we are to be honest, his father was responsible and knew what was going on during the war, far more than the right wing revisionist claim, and I think he knows this.

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Japan's most wasteful beneficiaries....

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