Teenage girl, man found dead in sunken car in apparent suicide


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Poor diver. When I go diving I always have fear about finding one of those NK ghost boats.

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The girl and man met through a social networking site and exchanged views about suicide

As soon as I read the headline I said to myself, "I'll bet they met on a suicide website." I thought the government was cracking down on these websites after that nutter killed nine people he met through a suicide website. Where I come from they have websites to help talk you out of suicide, not to discuss ways of doing it.

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What a tragic case.

The poor deadman was on police wanted list. And what if diver didn't find sunken car !

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There's been a few older man younger woman suicides in Japan in the last few years - in this case they were both in their prime years makes you wonder what goes through their minds.

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@Andrew Crisp - makes you wonder what goes through their minds

No doubt, there is very little going through their minds.

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With todays headlines it looks like being a 17 year old girl in Japan is seriously dangerous!

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How sad. The poor parents, not knowing for near a year, and to have this the end result.

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Very sad. Reminds me of 'Don't Fear the Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult. That song addresses the issue of romantic suicide pacts, doesn't condone or glorify it.

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Quote: "Their bodies were found Thursday in the car sunken about 20 meters away from a pier in Nagasaki city. The police put the man on a wanted list on suspicion of kidnapping her."

What does this mean? Why would they put him on a list if he was already dead? Or is it a grammar problem?

Is it wanting to say "The police had put him on a...?" or something else?

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