Parts of Japan experience record high temperatures for May


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I wonder how many of the people taken to hospital were involved in yesterday's sporting events at many elementary schools around the country.

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And so it begins, approximately 90 days of misery I call "the suck." At least here in Kansai the humidity hasn't ramped up yet and of course no typhoon activity either. Can't be as bad as 2018--a big earthquake in June, multiple typhoons going directly overhead and unmitigated suffering in the upper 30s. Or can it?

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Whew, I hope it’s not as ho’ as last summer!

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And yet children are still expected to take part in sport events and their families are expected to come and watch. The endless warnings and advice given on TV are pointless if schools and businesses are not compelled to act on it.

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Stay safe and keep hydrated, comrades.

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Yet, there are the businessmen in their suits and the mothers pushing their unprotected children in prams.

No matter how hot it is there will be people running in the heat of day-streams of sweat also.....running down their faces.

The news this summer will be full of yet more people perishing, passing out and perspiring-same as always.

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In Kagoshima at the moment and certainly damn hot down here the past two days, much hotter than I remember Kyushu from 5 years ago at the same time of year. Osaka the same. Leaving a trail of PET bottles behind us, but in this weather you just have to keep hydrated.

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Yep! Was definitely warmer on Saturday. However, people should not start dropping off just because the temp gets a little over 30’. A little over 30’ is a normal summer’s day.

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These temperatures are alarming, and people should be careful to hydrate themselves. With that being said, 30°C in May is still more bearable than 27°C in July because there is less humidity.

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Agree with Haaa Nemui. Many kids, 14 in my part of the country, were taken to hospital suffering from heatstroke during sport's events. Year on year, Japan insists on these school events in brutal weather! Sheer idiocy!

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If there is so much suffering because of sporting events at this time of year, I suspect what we will see at the Olympics in the height of summer next year will be a bloodba... errr, sweatbath. But commercial considerations dictated that scheduling lunacy.

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@ jcjapan - "the suck" that's the perfect term, and I hope you don't mind if I adopt it. Really the only thing I don't like about Japan is the summer misery.

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It was hot on my walk yesterday so need to start taking some water with me and wear a hat and UV cream.

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I live now at a city in Chiba adjacent to Metropolitan Tokyo. It is not very bad. I do not go to Tokyo when it is hot. It is a lot hotter and air is so bad in Tokyo. It is really crazy they plan Tokyo Olympics in August.

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Last few days I've been getting disaster warning emails about the dangerous level of photochemicals advising I use take precautions and even stay indoors or visit a hospital if I suffer serious conditions.

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I think we can all agree that Japan has experienced climate change first hand? The typhoons hitting the Okinawa area are stronger, and unpredictable, and because of the ocean temperatures getting higher up north, the storms are maintaining their strength instead of dissipating by the time they get to mainland Japan. Rainy season will no doubt bring torrential rain to mainland and the summer temperatures will probably be higher than Okinawa. So in light of all this directly impacting the citizens of Japan, Abe will play golf with Trump and in all probability will not bring up climate change and the need to abide by the Paris Accords.

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I was recently in Beijing and the cops there had giant parasols that they could stand under.

I looked at that and said, "This makes sense to me".

Yesterday I saw full uniform Japanese police officers standing in the sun.

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You do realise that what little you do to keep CO2 ppm under 420 is dwarfed by Chinese influence to promote increased coal usage in surrounding nations under cheap BRI loans !

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The Olympics is toasted, as simple as that.

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No sympathy from relatives in the southern U.S., who are looking at 38+ degree temperatures this weekend!!

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Welcome to the hell that is humidity.

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One person, it appears, does not wish to stay safe and keep hydrated.

Thoughts go out to the most vulnerable in our society in this extreme heat.

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Rainy season will no doubt bring torrential rain to mainland

Well yes.

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Pool inflated. Refresher course on use of AC. Every child for a Km in my pool. Not happy at all. But it's summer and if I have to be that grumpy old man we all remember so be it. And saw my fist snake this summer, stupid snake was going for the pool. Think my thong deterred it. Deters most but the foolhardy.

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