Temporary police box opens in whaling town ahead of hunting season


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the annual dolphin drive hunts in waters off Taiji, a tradition and practice criticized by animal rights advocates as cruel.

I hate this 'traditional' claim. Yes, dolphins have been hunted in the Taiji region for centuries, but it's only recently that it became a commercial enterprise to make billions of yen selling live animals to aquariums around the world. The Japanese aquariums have distanced themselves from Taiji and won't accept dolphins from the area. If they really want to play the 'tradition' card, they should stop selling live dolphins to aquariums. That is not tradition, it is exploitation for profit.

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Traditions come, traditions go.. Stop useless killings of innocent mammals. Is it just to show your skill ? Please ! Wake up ! STOP the useless slaughter !

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Ah, the death throws of an industry that doesn't know it's dead yet. Lash out at anyone and everyone -- and it's pretty much everyone -- against you, and play the victim. These police are going to be shaking down anyone who's foreign, regardless of why they are there, in a town that pretends to be open to all and not keeping any secrets. And if pro-whalers/dolphin hunters instigate anything? Not their fault!

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As temporary as any swimming mammal who comes close to this town.

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Nice piece of propoganda! Absolute rubbish

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