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Tense week ahead for U.N. climate talks afer Japan's U-turn


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Bravo, Japan. Well done!

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Japan will e avoiding blackmail now. (stopping to buy carbon credit for multi billion dollars)

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If China improves their pollution and emission by 5% is would be about the same if Japan curbed theirs 30%.

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inakaRob is correct, bit of course China states they have 100 years to pollute free of restrictions- since they are still a developing nation.

such silliness,

carbon credits do not work- my company sells their credits to high polluters each year- do the high polluters change their equipment - no! they just buy the extra credits.

the world looks to china to produce goods, then turns a blind eye when they poison the earth- and then point the finger at one of the cleanest countries in the world- who cannot meet an artificial deadline since they are no longer nuclear- get real

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Nature is being to soft on these some of these selfish, hateful, little humans who continue to destroy her. Instead of working and cooperating with each other to help nurse her, we are too busy hating on one another and slaughtering important animals in our ecosystems for cash.

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Totally a non-issue. The radioactive gas from Fukushima will take care of the whole country. No production no pollution.

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The obscenely wealthy and powerful of the world - those who have benefitted most from a world-wide system of industrialization and consumerism, want us to believe that we have only two choices - nuclear energy or fossil fuel. Of course, they say nothing about changing the system itself.

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No nuclear energy=CO2

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The title here is "Japan's U-turn", but it is not really a U-turn from the point of sustainability, since Japan's Kyoto false promise was based on the myth, the lie, of nuclear as a sustainable "green energy." The fact that most spend fuel rods around the globe are still sitting in pools with no place for proper disposal shows this energy is not a viable solution.

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I see the usual apologists are on here blaming China for Japan's decisions. It must really hurt to have the international media condemning a decision Japan made. And let me ask you this: When Japan gets the green light to restart the NPPs despite everyone being against it and it harming the environment, will the government go back to its carbon emission reduction pledge in the KYOTO PROTOCOL? I'm going to wager they won't, but we can blame that on China, too, when the time goes in a few months.

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Here in the USA, we are suffering under two frauds. 1. CO2 as a cause of "climate change". 2. Ethanol as a means to achieve energy self sufficiency and create cleaner burning auto fuel. The mud and ice cores disprove the first one because it turns out that CO2 peaks at the beginning of Ice Ages. The second one fails a life cycle analysis of the process. First, there is the environmental harm caused by the agriculture including higher prices for cattle feed and tacos. Then, there is the fact that cars have had active mixture controls since the early 1980s which wipes out changes of the fuel composition. Thus, all ethanol and other oxygenates do is reduce fuel mileage. Japan got this one right.

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At present we are left with very few alternatives. The answers of yesterday are no longer relevant. Either we continue as we have been with our outmoded social customs and habits of thought on climate instability, in which case our future will be threatened, or we can apply a more appropriate set of values that are relevant to an emergent global society.

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