TEPCO admits radioactive water leaked into sea at Fukushima


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Of course it has!! This headline reads like a heabline from the Onion!

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Conveniently after the election.

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Now that the very pro nuclear old boys network that is partly responsible has been conclusively voted back in I don't know we are ever going to see any good news come out of this.

What will it take? Three nuclear power reactor meltdowns which are still spewing radiation into the air and sea, with a terribly unstable situation that many guessed long before Tepco or the government ever said a word about it, and still " everything is ok" and they want to restart plants instead of decommissioning them.

I'm a realist, I know to turn off every plant and import fuel for power is not an easy answer, perhaps after extra ordinary testing one or two may have to run for a limited time but I fear Japan has lost an opportunity to turn a disaster, for which the world wept for Japan, it to a chance to be a world leader in safe clean energy production.

Imagine if rather than just printing money they were putting it into world class power producing technology.

I am genuinely worried for Japan's future, my adopted home along with my family (inlaws) and my friends, their efforts, hard work and love for Japan, along with mine has been betrayed.

No more "it's very regrettable" no more sorries, it's time for accountability.

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Please repost in Crime Section as with any future TEPCO news.

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Who had Wed., July 23rd, 6:53 in the pool? Congratulations!

Seriously though TEPCO management is not only so far beyond incompetent, it's also incapable of telling the truth.

How do these people look at themselves in the mirror?

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Yes. Very convenient how this is released just after the election. NZ2011, I share your sentiments completely.

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Why not simplify the news for the next time ? Just fill in the blanks below.

Fukushima / TEPCO : liters of radioactive water with __ mSv/h have leaked from __ and been going to _____ . According to TEPCO, nobody has been harmed, and there is no immediate danger for the environment.

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Was there ever any doubt?..., but of course they would not admit it before the election lest the voting public gets " confused " by such "harmful rumours" type information. Now the pro-nuke LDP has secured a comfortable majority the TEPCO amakudari posse can breath a sigh of relief.

Coming to a press release near you soon - "TEPCO now admits that the harmless steam seen rising from the reactor last week was perhaps not so harmless afterall." The pattern repeats itself.

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TEPCO is nothing else than a environmental polluter, an eco-terrorist, too busy counting the money they taking out of our pocket. They keep pushing further by little step and little announcement because their whole strategy is based on people's apathy, indeed the biggest shame in Japan if not in the world.

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NZ2011 ..absolutely ..+1 mate.

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But I love eating TEPCO-ized seafood, its the best!

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Now that the pro-nukes got elected in we can expect admittances of the things everyone's known. Avoid any food from the area.

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Yes,, yes this story is not new. Most people know the reality, but what's amazing that if your not from the Fukushima area this story is just another tidbit news on the back burner for most people. Quite sad...

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Tepco either are idiots and don't know what they are doing or are hiding the data... both are total BS!

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It still does not have a clue why?

Some hint => "3 meltdown"

0 ( +1 / -1 )

But now we believe that contaminated water has flown out to the sea

Does water fly? I think it should 'flowed'. But, then again, this is TEPCO. It's quite possible they believe the water 'flew' out of the containment tanks and into the ocean.

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Tepco either are idiots and don't know what they are doing or are hiding the data... both are total BS!

I'll vote for both.

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Who knows what things TEPCO will admit to long after the fact? Perhaps years after the reactors finally melt down completely and massive radiation plumes have extended over much of Japan, TEPCO will finally admit that they never had it under control at all. As expected they will apologize from then newly built TEMPCO headquarters in Okinawa.

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Its odd that the on going disaster was not a issue during the election. It just gets worse but does not seem to be a high priority in the public domain. I read more about Fukashima in foreign media than in Japanese media. Really is it an embarrassment or just apathy, why? For a country that uses a indiscriminate death sentence seems a little strange that no one is accountable for this. Could they not find a mentally disabled person to hang.

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Oh, we knew already.Thanks for the input though!

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Its odd that the on going disaster was not a issue during the election.

Easy. DPJ was in power during the quake and its aftermath which the LDP blames of poor handling, but they can't say it out loud because they built them in the first place and they are of course in favor of resuming operations. DPJ is not quite in the position to do anything about it now.

I hope Taro Yamamoto can somehow save the day...

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The sad part of all of this is to show you how head in the sand Japanese people are, I watch on tv kids playing on the beach up north, I am sorry to say this, but in a few years it will be hard for me to feel sorry when they develop some kind of cancer for those people up there who went to the beach with they kids.

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A good start would be to stipulate that solar power panels must be on every new building that's built. Most houses would effectively be able to power themselves and possibly create a surplus to put back into the grid. This continued cover up and apathy about Fukushima really is a crime against the people of Japan and it is totally sanctioned by the leading government who do not give a monkeys.

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Very well said, NZ2011! I feel exactly the same way and have nothing to add to that.

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And now they are having more steam ( I can predict they will first state being not radioactive and revise this in a few days with the word "admitted") coming out from R3, clearly the situation is getting out of their control, control that they never had anyway since everything is a joke... starting from that cold-shutdown status !

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I showed a scientific model on Fb about 8 months ago about the extensive radioactive contamination in the sea over the next 5 years. TEPCO media people are LIARS!!

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Build a line of nuclear reactors along the water's edge and then hit them hard with a massive earthquake, followed by an inundating Tsunami.

For the next few years regularly shake the ground under the wrecked buildings with violent aftershocks.

Is it any wonder poisonous stuff is leaking into the sea? The news would be if it wasn't.

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What a screwed up and evil company. I will use candle power if this keeps up...

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Is this article a reprint? Must be at least the third time I've seen an article about TEPCO admitting leaks into the sea.

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Maybe that's it, Magnet! The news is whenever Tepco gives an inch and admits something.

The leak is secondary.

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The half life of cesium is only around 14 days and for it to go into the water. It lasts even less as water is a natural absorber of radiation. I can't see what the big deal is. If that manager didn't make the call to flood the reactor everything would have been much much worst. You receive more radiation from taking an international trip to New York then what any of these workers received. Get your facts straight and tell people the real truth. There's no threat at all!!

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The half life of cesium is only around 14 days

Wrong ! cesium 137 is 30 years and cesium 134 is 2 years, in addition, despite what TEPCO is saying, there is a lot of different carcinogen isotopes released beside cesium but since they are not looking for it, don't expect to find them.

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It's pretty disappointing that it is only the foreign community within Japan and the international community that are genuinely angered by the continuing SNAFU coming out of Fukushima. Naoki Average and his mates don't seem to give two hoots about it. The only group that has challenged TEPCO over this is the local fishermen and they were paid off. This is extremely serious and could have disastrous effects on future generations, but they just don't care! Why???

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Jason: according to your logic, airplanes should follow the NPP standards and have a containment vessel and 1 meter thick concrete wall around the machine. Something is wrong.

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has anyone died yet?

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TEPCO said earlier this year that a fish contaminated with radiation levels more than 2,500 times the legal limit had been caught at a port inside the Fukushima plant.

If several of the small radioactive fish swim outside the harbor, and are swallowed by a passing tuna , random sampling of tuna will not show the few which ate the little radioactive fish. Tuna can swim thousands of kilometers.

Random sampling fails to reveal meaningful results when the distribution is not smooth.

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