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Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis


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They made sure they were bought up by the government oyagi good o'boys network so that they wouldn't have to answer these questions instead of being closed down. Must have missed a payoff somewhere

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"I had no intention to buy time and I'm offended by the claim that I put off taking measures," said Muto, 

Tell that to the people who died! You can be "offended" all you want, won't bring them back to life!

He defended his move, saying, "I had no decision-making power. 

Vice President and you had no decision making power? RIght, Prima-dona figure head.

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They took a bet and lost, lost big.

But no worries, tax payers are paying for their mistakes.

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And the ‘crisis’ is still far from over....

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Suspended sentence anyone?

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Yes....he's believable...

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Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis

Of course he does. This is Japan after all- land of denials.

"I had no intention to buy time and I'm offended by the claim that I put off taking measures,"

He's offended?? People died because of his negligence.

I had no decision-making power.

Then tell us who did

We were discussing how to collect information necessary for the company to formulate a policy."


"As a person involved, I deeply apologize to those who died and their families as well as those who had to evacuate."

Well if he's not responsible, why is he apologizing?

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liar, hopefully they will find him guilty and he will face capital punishment

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Muto told the court he thought the projected tsunami "very high" and that it came "out of the blue."

> He defended his move, saying, "I had no decision-making power. We were discussing how to collect information necessary for the company to formulate a policy."

What a god damned LIAR, CLEARLY muto you DID have authority because YOU CHOSE to do NOTHING, you DID make a decision, own up to it!!

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the crisis could not have been avoided even if he had taken measures

TEPCO was advised by a French team in the early 2,000’s to get the back up generators onto the roofs of the housings and to waterproof all the back up electrical systems, which they chose to ignore. Had they have done this, there would have been no meltdowns. Therefore, the crisis could have been avoided if measures had been taken.

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Where is Shimazu? His ¥500million golden parachute must of landed in Singapore?

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Hmmm, shouldn’t this report be in the crime section?

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There is no mention of why TEPCO thinks the state study lacks credibility other than Muto's assertion. You'd think there would be something more than that.

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Doesn't surprise me, the usual denial and 'sweep it under the carpet' mentality that pervades throughout Japan. the citizens will just shrug and say sho ga nai... until the next time when another nuke plant melts down in the land of deniers.

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Japan Inc. is responsible. These guys were just cogs in the machinery.

What this guy said is absolutely true. He would have had no power to do anything. Trust me, there are virtually no more insular, no more bureaucratic companies in Japan than electric companies. They are lethargic entities run by group / consensus decisionmaking.

The action he took after receiving that report is EXACTLY what he would have been expected to do. He would have been committing professional suicide to do otherwise.

If this guy is guilty, then so is the entire organization. And all of the regulators.

And that is what the prosecutors who declined to prosecute knew and understood.

That is the harsh reality.

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"I didn't know about it," -- yes, you did.

"Well then, I had no power," -- yes, you did. You were vice-president responsible for that.

"Well, then. How could we have known?" -- You were informed in 2008.

"Well, then... ummm... I need to use the bathroom (and flee to Osaka). Could you give me a moment?" No.

"I'm offended!" -- more than the dead and their families?

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There once was a time in Japan when executives faced with serious issues did the right honorable thing by taking their own lives even when faced with something as seemingly innocuous as financial irregularities. These TEPCO jabronis, who through ignorance and apathy nearly caused a disaster worse than Cherynobl, are still among the living.

Man. How Japan has changed.

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Plural investigation committees have already concluded that Fukushima nuclear disaster was consequence of human negligence.

"Safety First" that defendant said is just lie.

They ignored worst case scenario merely.

TEPCO had enough time and chance to reduce risk but they wasted it.

Nuclear disaster deprives many.

Old people or patients or disabled or US navy crews become victims,many residents had lost home or farmland or job and even the family grave and ashes that handed down from generation to generation.

moreover,unrest to health such as increase of thyroid anomalies.

But,top or executives of large corporations is rarely punished in Japan,unfortunately.

Responsible person who should be punished is not only TEPCO executives.

Other cause of Fukushima nuclear disaster is also Japan's nuclear authorities who lacked independency.

Authorities who should have control and regulate had assimilated with nuclear industries.

it caused looseness and optimism to safety.

Present nuclear energy of Japan is about to relapse into same irresponsible situation as before Fukushima disaster.

Almost staff members of nuclear regulation authorities are from economy-industrial ministry that want to thrust nuclear industries.

Even "rules" to keep independency of authorities is already ignored completely.

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