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TEPCO may run out of space for radioactive water


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Have TEPCO officials drink it?

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So the leaks are not accidental. This is TEPCOs way of making more space. As long as they are not penalized it'll continue to happen..........oh wait, isn't Abe's crew now in control of TEPCO?

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Store it in the TEPCO pool they built with donation funding...

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How much radioactive water did they have??? Surely it's law to have the same amount of backup water storage for what that put into it.... Why put in more than you can take out?

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Why put in more than you can take out?

YOu have to understand the circumstances, they were flooding the areas with water to keep the fuel rods from becoming exposed and overheated. This is just another by product problem of how the disaster was handled at the beginning.

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"TEPCO may run out of space for radioactive water"

DUH!!! Isn't why we always hear that there was an "accidental" spill or leakage.

And that is only the part that was actually reported. Since we are talking about TEPCO, considering their history of lies and cover ups I would not be surprised that there is a lot more that is not being reported. Just the tip of the iceberg out of the water???

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Just once I would like to read some positive news about TEPCO's cleanup instead of a never list of screw ups!

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An earthquake triggered tsunami waves that crashed into the power plant, setting off a chain of events that caused three reactors to melt down and forcing 160,000 people to flee from their homes.

After two years do you think that there is anyone in the world that doesn't know this happened? Seems to me to be a continuation of sensationalistic journalism meant to titillate rather than inform.

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"TEPCO may run out of space for radioactive water" well just hope the "may" will last for at least 2 years...

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Power plant cannot get enough water. Build it next to the water. Too much water, oh my gosh.. Natural Disaster. Have not enough water, what to do? Man made disaster. Too much water? Bureacracy. Here we go again. Enough water. Stop it.

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They knew this last year, there was a news post on JT about it, but as usual nothing was done in hopes the problem would go away. No one wants to own and fix a problem in Japan.

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My goodness! Is there not one competent person or group in all of Japan that can go and replace the clone army of Homer Simpsons and kick Mr. Burns out?

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I believe this is mostly some manoeuvring to pre-empt then releasing "low contaminated " water into the ocean.

So basically rather than spending the money or coming up with a solution they say..

"It's very regrettable, we must keep cooling but we have no where to put the waste water, we have no choice, but it doesn't effect human heath blah blah blah"

boo whoo and by the way we are raising your bill by 10% to pay for our incompetence.

The Japanese Government is a joke, how can they let this company continue again and again to fail, after they built an industry that allowed this to occur in the first place, then the Japanese public voted back in the same pro nuke, big brown envelope receiving, self serving muppets.. its beyond belief really.

grrrrr, rant over.

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Two years after the worst nuclear disaster in a quarter of a century, TEPCO is struggling with breakdowns and glitches in its jerry-rigged cooling system to keep reactors and spent fuel pools in a safe state known as cold shutdown.

Looks like they could do with some outside help. I'm not sure exactly what's happening behind the scenes, but it seems the government should have more control over this situation and be enlisting expert advice and experienced companies from around the world to see if they can deal with this situation. The bottom line seems to be TEPCO just do not have the ability as a company to sort the mess out but are still being left in full control.

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TEPCO also refuses to seriously get help from sources outside Japan. Sorry Disillustioned-san, good news from T is a long way down the line, if ever, judging on what we have seen thus far. Game is over but we all must continue to play.

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I think they should make decision ASAP without hesitation to perminently close Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and remove fuel rods and dismantle/ destroy all related equipment, i.e. to give up this whole plant, before further disaster which no body can control.

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Now I doubt about those data provided during accidental leakage.

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Several hundred thousand becquerels of radiation per cubic centimeter of water!!!!

How much longer will it continue?

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Tepco needs to accept they don't know what they are doing and accept help from overseas.

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Exactly right, gogogo. Institutional crisis management is not a Japanese talent. Bring in the foreigners.

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I red simular one a year before. It will happen one day soon. And then what? I hope that there is plan B and C too.

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yosun: have you just landed on planet earth today? Everything is out of control since 3/11 and it will last for decades!

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