TEPCO offers English virtual tour inside crippled Fukushima plant


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Great idea, which has helped advance my understanding of the layout and the continiung work there, though I did find the whole thing strangely disorienting. Like a slow Google car. Was it the clunky interface, the robotic voice, the strange English, the slightly suspect translations, or the robotic sliding camera work? It will be interesting to see others' opinions.

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Look at that URL!? Idiots!

Clearly my browser is correct in saying "Not secure"

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Fukushima radioactivity is still seeping into the environment and there isn’t anyway to prevent it so Fukushima is more than equal to Chernobyl.....

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They have lied and cheated and now they are using propaganda. There has been no progress so what are they showing? Thousands and thousands of highly irradiated water tanks with a lifespan of 5 years, most built 7 years ago. Groundwater contamination?

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English because the of the olympics?

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I do agree with Nandakandamanda, thought it was just my mobile, will wait till I can watch it on a bigger system, great innovative approach, that and the Fukushima Robot Test Field,that was explained at the World Robot Summit.

Toyota pushing ahead with Mira and fuel cell cars seems very brave when you can see what hydrogen production can do, but overall a well thought out clean up, not like Chernobyl at all.

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That photo is enough to convince me that Japan should give up on nuclear power in such an earthquake and tsunami prone country. Please tell me again how nuclear power is safe and cheap.

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Unfortunately I'm at the stage where I'm unable to believe a single word they say.

There are too many high level people involved, with too much to lose. With all the corruption scandals surrounding Japanese companies and institutions (fudging data etc.), are we supposed to believe that this is whiter than white?! Yeah right.

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Virtual tells everything you "NEED" to be informed.

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I saw that Netflix show where the guy went on a group tour of the high radiation areas. No thanks for me but highly informative about government lies.

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As someone here mentioned, it's just propoganda... TEPCO and the Japanese government have lied and obfusicated since day 1, they are criminals.

No-one has been properly compensated, the ocean is being contaminated from the dumping of radioactive water, farmers are still sending out cesium laden goods into the food chain and we are left to be entertained by this nonsense.

And does anyone remember Abe lying thru his teeth during the Olympic bid that Tokyo and Fukushima were safe?

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I saw that Netflix show where the guy went on a group tour of the high radiation areas. No thanks for me but highly informative about government lies.

Yeah I saw it too, they went to the area that was deemed "safe" by the government, but when the group measured the radiation level themselves, it was still way above the safe thresold.

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It’s too late to open the tour with English.

Nobody can believe not to check directly, so this opportunity is nice to share with global people.

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