Tepco probe to directly touch melted fuel debris at Fukushima plant


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In their dreams!

where is the corium from the meltdowns?

dont know or won't say?

we all know they have exited the buildings.

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Approx 600 tons of corium are "missing".

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Love the white mask "protection" fantasy.

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we all know they have exited the buildings.

That's news to me. Some has been identified at the bottom of the containment vessel of one of the reactors, as mentioned in the article. Without other evidence, it seems reasonable to assume most of it is there.

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@patricia yarrow

Love the white mask "protection" fantasy.

Actually, with low levels of radiation, likely where this photo was taken, a simple mask is adequate protection. The common misconception is that somehow the air itself is radioactive, while in reality the radiation is carried on dust particles. Especially with lower radiation levels, the danger is in inhalation of the particles.

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The government wants to have all passenger vehicles to be electric by 2050, and by then we will STILL be reading articles about the cleanup at Fukushima!

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Yes, it’s interesting when the article labels radioactive material as “debris”

Assome posters have noted that there are hundreds of tons of “debris” so lethal that exposure is fatal after several minutes.

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What would you call it? They are discussing the remains of something, which are commonly called 'debris', whether it is radioactive or not.

I'm not sure why people are seeing conspiracies here...

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