TEPCO reactors' safety clearance irks Fukushima victims


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TEPCO reactors' safety clearance irks Fukushima victims

Not just fukushima's victims. It irks us all

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TEPCO reactors' safety clearance irks Fukushima victims

Irks? They should be livid.

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The reactors passed technical safety reviews. Whilst the complainants may have justifiable grudges against TEPCO (But oddly not against anyone else involved in nuclear safety as it seems) they appear to have zero qualifications in the subject at hand.

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So TEPCO should just close and stop functioning? They need to put back reactors in operation in order to continue with the decomissioning (that will take at least 40-50 years). Sentiments are one thing but brutal reality is the world must move on... (and I'm against nuclear power - wherever possible it has do be finished once and forever!!!)

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Agree, I am also against nuclear power, back home we voted against it 40yrs ago(mostly due to the waste storage issue) and are still free today.

Granted we need to buy power now from neighbouring countries as demand has increased.

Unfortunately still a long road to shut and decommission all running reactors, I hear Three Miles is being decommisoned soon.

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The nuclear industry is so slow on the uptake of safe design because they never had to pay for insurance and never were obliged to plan ahead for nuclear waste.

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how many brown envelopes did it take to get the approval?

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Latest design reactors re way safer than most designs still in operation.

Yet even the new designs do nothing in reducing the waste nor are there any improvements in storage or disposing of it.

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TEPCO caused 11MAR11 triple Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns. 3OCT17 Muon Energy Location Technology (MELT) tomography TEPCO declassified MELT images identifing location of 160,000 tons molten fuel for each of three FUkushima Daiichi reactors. After six years not one ounce of more than 480,000 tons of molten Reactor Fuel has been removed. With this live catastrophe on going what worse possible action could TEPCO engage in for TEPCO to loose license to operate Nuclear Reactor's?

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More than 60% of the population are against a return to nuclear power, not the fascist government of Japan ever listen to the people.

Japan has huge stockpiles of unused nuclear fuel and over 50 reactors sitting idle. They have invested gazillions of yen in nuclear power are not going to let it go, regardless of the dangers or public opinion. These two reactors in question are both over 30 years old and have a working life of only 40 years. Most of Japan's reactors are around 30-40 years old and are due to be scrapped in the next decade or so. Their plans to build new plants have all been scrapped due to huge protests. This shows clearly how desperately stupid the Japanese government really is. It's all about money! Common sense and public opinion are irrelevant! "Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity cannot!"

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Thanks for down-voting!

BTW - two misconceptions I notice due to populist thinking!

Reactors are safe if they are not in operation. NO they are not - idling does not mean they are without nuclear fuel onsite, etc. It takes another natural disaster to induce the man-make nuclear disaster!

TEPCO should be crushed to peaces! The choice government took was to keep them in place to clear their own mess! If we lived in China or socialist soviet union may be they could afford to execute all TEPCO's executives and half of the engineers and order ordinary people and SDF to clean up and cover the whole thing under trillions of concrete!
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One wonders why TEPCO isnt entirely state owned, then at least the Politicians would have to answer to those who can vote.

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Tepco may have fulfilled all the stated requirements for the plant itself, but the 'irking' mentioned in the article has as much to do with local populations and how they are supposed to escape if and when the next big one hits. Many of Japan's NPPs have narrow, winding access roads which will block up in any emergency, and the strong impression is that the authorities have totally failed to address this issue..

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