TEPCO requests additional Y697 bil yen for compensation


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We are ultimately footing the bill for the result of negligence, corruption and plain stupidity.

Raid the politicians' bank accounts, raid bureaucrats' bank accounts, raid TEPCO executives' bank accounts.

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No problem, BOJ will be seized by Abe-nomics and there will be an abundant supply of money !

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TumbleDry took the words out of my mouth! Soak those arrogant, incompetent, corrupt leaders first.

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Why should the hard working, honest Japanese citizens pay the price for TEPCO's wholesale corruption and incompetence!

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Stop paying bonuses to the management and executives and they'll have the money. They always seem to ask for more money around bonus season!

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TumbleDry : We are ultimately footing the bill for the result of negligence, corruption and plain stupidity. Raid the politicians' bank accounts, raid bureaucrats' bank accounts, raid TEPCO executives' bank accounts. ...............................You are SO RIGHT ON ! ! !

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We are ultimately footing the bill for the result of negligence, corruption and plain stupidity.

A clear sign of Japan population's general stupidity and lack of IQ is that the people that caused this were basically re-elected back into power. Everyone of us will have to pay a few thousands of USD in taxes only to compensate the horrible mistakes of some very highly ranked corrupted officials.

Even in China, after such a thing happening, even a highly ranked official found guilty will pay the price for this, Japan is actually lower than them from this point of view.

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If the compensation payout is going to be funded by taxpayers, then in essence, the people who need to be compensated will quite literally be paying themselves their own compensation in taxes.

Yep, can't see anything morally bankrupt about that!

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Other reports, put the level of compensation at more than ¥5 trillion if farmers and fishermen are included. The cost of the work at the nuclear plant is more than ¥10 trillion and will continue to rise for many decades. The current cap on gov't is ¥5 trillion.

TEPCO still have to pay out compensation to more than 150,000 nuclear refugee's, many of whom are stuck in a limbo, unable to return to their former lives, and unable to move forward because of the lack of compensation, which should be paid directly from the gov't and not TEPCO which is being very slow in meeting the claims.

TEPCO have been spending billions to restore its second Fukushima atomic plant which was also badly damaged from last years disasters but with little possibility of never getting permission to operate again.

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What a great way to indebt the Japanese populace. In Greece, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal they did it thru fraudulent/corrupt banking and politics. In Japan it is nuclear energy. A great time to go solar, before the electricity rates will increase.

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Compensation for what ??? For being idiots !?!?!?!

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@ebisen Your sentiments are appreciated, but no need to sling the muck at the general Japanese population. I sometimes wonder how the TEPCO execs sleep at night - oh wait. They are snug in their warm beds. That's right: it's the victims of the disaster who can't sleep for the draught flying throught the prefab shed they have to live in - if they are lucky.

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@ebisen Your sentiments are appreciated, but no need to sling the muck at the general Japanese population.

zenkan -- actually, there is. As ebisen points out, the rush to build nuclear plants at all costs, despite any potential hazards, and to allow them to operate for decades with lax supervision, was a product of the LDP. And the Japanese population just returned the LDP to power in a landslide. So the population has no one to blame but themselves. The TEPCO executives were just a product of the Japan Inc-style government which the Japanese people allowed to take hold. Yes, they were arrogant, greedy and lacked moral conscience -- sacrificing safety for profit. But that is the type of "leaders" the Japanese population has put in power for decades.

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but no need to sling the muck at the general Japanese population.

Well, who has elected them, even after the facts were out? For sure not the general Gaijin population. I stick to what I've wrote, and I know this sentiment exists among many (although in minority) Japanese. The last elections clearly have shown it.

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This is fracked up on so many levels the govt really needs to show us all that the big wigs at tepco, govt, bureaucrates etc are PAYING, literally for this!

The problems is THEY FRIGGIN AINT PAYIN %#$@!

But they are making us all pay higher electric bills, higher taxes.

We all know we are going to be hammered fically for this but the govt & the rest of the crooks, especially the "retired" ones MUST take a financial HIT & WE NEED TO SEE ITS HAPPENING

Other wise the blood will continue to boil, & there will be some who cant take it & will lash out, or simply pass away in the night in their cold cramped quarters.

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Fair enough - "you get what you vote for". Or don't vote for. Still, it has nothing to do with "general stupidity" or "low IQ", which is what I meant by muck slinging. Apathetic? Introspective? Maybe.

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...and STILL no one is in prison for this ongoing Level 7 nuclear catastrophe as we pay our OWN compensation. Still the management take their pay-checks AND bonuses and / or new positions in Dubai! JHC. What a mind-boggling take of butter, plate and knife. Thieves, the lot of them!

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The public voted them in, the public allowed them to build plants whenever and wherever they wanted, the public isn't demanding bonuses not be paid and jail terms and... The public just voted these idiot back in. How is the public not also responsible for as always, sticking their heads in the sand and hoping the problems go away?

Democracies get the leaders they deserve. Japan, for the most part deserves the economic ruin they are in because they allow the fat cats to do as they like. Why TEPCO management aren't siting in cold, little cells is because the public doesn't demand it and make it happen.

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TEPCO will be a bottomless pit mistress for Japan. Japanese tax payers will be dealing with this forever, and the LDP is ready to start another 48 nuke plants. Japan, cross your fingers for no more earthquakes.

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How much does it cost for TEPCO to switch on a light bulb?

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Amazing... and this from a company still hoping to return to profit in the new year.

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Geezzzz... the JGovt have injected money from people's taxes and still you ask for more? It's your damn problem for being too greedy and didn't bother to have all the safety nets in managing your nuclear power plant in Fukushima excellently. Get thpse money from your investors and stock holders which I am sure some are old school greedy politicians and underground organization's Oyabun. Damn you TEPCO. Even jail time is not enough for your incompetency in safety management. The only thing for all of those responsible to be forgiven is for you all to practice the old Japanese culture of committing suicide by hanging yourselves inside the plant. And for the return of the LDP, may the 3/11 tragedy be a lesson to you Mr. Abe to scrap Nuke Power Plant. Japan will survive with renewable sources of energy. Mr. Abe, since you're strategy to cure the bad economy of Japan by more public construction scheme of whatever, start with the construction of renewable sources of energy. Start with the dead zone area of Fukushima where the TEPCO melted down plant was. Beside it was your LDP administration that started approving to build Nuke Power Plant in Japan.

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Well Guys fasten your seat belt we are fast catching with the US in money printing

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Maybe an additional 18.9 bil for the sailors?

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Tepco must be a clon of my daughter: "more money".

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Japan can't survive without nuclear energy and burn gas will increase the damage over the Earth. There is no gas in a country little big bigger than California. I think that there is required new source of free power like fusion plant that uses laser or put in practise microwave power plants in space. Everybody knows that it is the best and it can be archieved here. Do what no one did before :)

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Japan is a country with a great geothermal potential and the country could replace 25 of its nuclear power plants with geothermal installations, Stefan Larus Stefansson, Iceland’s ambassador to Japan, recently said.

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Reminds me of one of those scam phone called,

"hello, it's me!"

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