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TEPCO says 2 Fukushima workers dusted with radioactive particles


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They don't have a clue, gross incompetence.

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Seriously?! Are you a newbie to Japan or something? Because your expectations are, at best, wildly optimistic.

Guess sarcasm doesn't translate well on this board.

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Only two workers? Wait until they stuff up removing the 1,300 fuels rods and they go critical, then there will be a nuclear apocalypse spraying upwards of 20 million people with radiation. Keep up the bad work TEPCO! We are expecting the worst and you keep on delivering it.

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Labor lawyers should have a field day with this company.

Seriously?! Are you a newbie to Japan or something? Because your expectations are, at best, wildly optimistic.

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@Farmboy it seems they are clueless since the calamity began

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Tepco is blaming a 'mist sprayer' for contaminating its workers with radiation???

To investigate the water source which is obviously linked to main's water and then find contamination would be far too unpalatable a thought for Tepco as it would suggest that Tepco has no control over contamination vectors.

That would be another nail in the coffin wouldn't it?

What headline can we now expect 'Radioactive Tuna Sandwich Halts Work At Plant'?

To say that there is a state of emergency at the ruined reactor site is an understatement.....

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Work safety is absolutely beyond shoddy at TEPCO. Labor lawyers should have a field day with this company.

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A good analogy to the reports from TEPCO is a tip of an iceberg above the haze, since it is about the right proportion. So these 2 workers would probably mean hundreds of workers that have been contaminated and not reported.

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I think I agree with you, hereforever. How interesting that the "truth" is coming about after the election. Better late than never but what else are they hiding?!

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"The mist sprayer has been turned off since last week".Any reason for that?

Contaminated water ?

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Wait! No modifiers such as "a little", "some", "a bit"? I'm confused. Where did this report come from because it's nothing like the ones we've been reading about for the past two and a half years now?

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Said it before and will say it again, interesting how all these problems are happening after the elections. Either there was a cover up to secure LDP victory or DPJ was doing everything correct. NZ2011, says it all. These workers should be listed as national heros. They are in my book. Thank you for putting your life on the line.

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"The mist sprayer has been turned off since last week." Any reason for that? Even I spray my garden these days. It's too hot. Can you imagine how dusty it is there. Wind must again spread dangerous particles far away from Daiichi. And clean up can begin again.

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What a disgrace!! Shame! Shame! Shame on Tokyo Electric! Poor workers!!

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Two thoughts about this, Of course there is contamination... it is the second, and perhaps to be declared the worst in the future, the radiation and radioactive debris doesn't politely stop at the door way..

secondly I hope these workers are being paid well and treated like important people they are, while the management is disgraceful, without those workers on the ground we would most likely be in a much more serious situation.

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