TEPCO says 4 tons of tainted rainwater leaked during transfer


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Aah, one of the hastily built tanks was found leaking. Even the contractors who built these tanks don't trust them. One down and many, many more to go. No worries, good cheer, we have the Olympics, and everything is under control.

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PM Abe said that the Fukushima plant is "under control". The truth is it's completely out of control.

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TEPCO is still injecting nitrogen in the reactors, while they are in "cold shutdown state"?

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This whole thing is getting more out of control. Are other parts of Fukushima that are considered "safe" affected by this leak?

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I do not quite understand, from where in the Fukushima irradiated with so much water? Surely you can create a flow of water to cool the reactors and pools, which will be held between the radiated heat exchanger reactor cooling water and the tank and clean water cooler .. then irradiated water will return to the cooling of the reactor, and there will need to be storable. Only the top up, if there are any leaks in the reactors and fuel pools .. However, pure water can be cooled by large air coolers and passed through a heat exchanger ..

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Isn't nitrogen a key ingredient of making explosives? So creating NO2 or NO3 is safer?

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Me no believe only 4 ton! Toom lah!! I believe more like 40 or 400 or 400 ton of radio active dirty water be flowing like milk out of that Fukushima place! And you all think China is bad??? WTF??

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With every new "revelation", it's starting to sound like they're just sloshing buckets of water around up there. Sloppy all the way.

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Surprise surprise, TEPCO employees mishandling equipment! It's all "under control", though.

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160 bq per litre is pretty low.

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Haha, "leaked" good one.

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"There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza!"

My first question is, why was there insufficient drainage in the storage area that caused it to flood? My second question is, why are the storage tanks leaking at all? And, my third question is, why are these clowns left alone to fumble through this clean up? Yeah, Abe-San, it's under control, isn't it? NOT!

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whoooops! sorry bout that!

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Read the insurance docs, contemplate how insurance on this level works then comeback and read the article again. Then ask yourself, to get to your current state of 'belief' what verifiable evidence have you been presented with?

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Four tonnes of water is only 4 cubic metres. Will fit in one corner of my room. Do they mean tons or tonnes . I thought Japan was metric.

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@vicMOsaka you are right 4 tons is about that and that measurement is 1 x 2 x 2 meters (3 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft) in other words a six foot person standing against a wall holding out his arms along that wall then measuring out 3 feet would be that space and weight. My shower is larger than that, thank you for the insight. It hopefully keeps things in perspective the rhetoric sometimes drives me crazy. For everyone's information in the time it took me to write this the amount of water that went over Niagara falls would blow peoples minds if written down in Tons!

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My first question is, why was there insufficient drainage in the storage area that caused it to flood? My second question is, why are the storage tanks leaking at all?

The storage area is surrounded by a dam which is designed to keep any leaks from the tanks confined to the immediate area. Rainwater can fill this, and has to be removed.

As for the storage tanks leaking - I'm sure there are a lot of reasons for this.

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What do these people need glasses?? How the heck can you miss 4 tons of water leaking? As usual TEPCO sky rockets with incompetence!! But, prime minister Abe said it's all under control. So, now it is BOTH the government and TEPCO that are showing real incompetence!!!

But hey it's ok! It is normal folks!!!

Before you thumb me down understand I am being sarcastic and the way I see it no one person wants to be the one to take action because if that were to happen it's far to easy to point a finger when things go bad. So, who is incompetent BOTH the government and TEPCO! I could not be more disappointed in both parties.

I honestly fear for the worst, after all they have shown us all blunder after blunder!

But I hope they get their art together soon!!!

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Sewer rats.

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Crippled plants, contaminated water and radiated environment, all of them remind me of the Fallout series, thumb up if you have same image in your mind.

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S Rory I hope they get thier act not art together....

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Sorry not S Rory

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suggesting widespread structural problems with the tanks.

TEPCO said one of three units for injecting nitrogen into the damaged reactors shut down due to a worker mishandling the equipment

Yup, all under control

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I sent 'em a spare roll of sellotape-things will get better now!

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sellotape? LOL

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I'm counting down the days to the next criticality-not a question of if but when..........

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