TEPCO says Fukushima No. 2 reactor water level only 60 cms from bottom


Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) on Monday said the water level of the No. 2 reactor container at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is only 60 centimeters from the bottom, indicating a large quantity of water injected to cool the melted fuel is leaking from the vessel.

TEPCO made the discovery after a worker used an endoscope to take photos of water in the No. 2 reactor's primary containment vessel at the the tsunami-crippled plant.

A TEPCO official said that water is being continuously injected into the reactor to keep the melted fuel cool. He said that the water temperature in the vessel was about 48.5 C.

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Over a years worth of spraying tons of water Daily is Where ? Mega Tons of radioactive water, the creaks must be massive unless the melt through process is still ongoing ( China Syndrome ).

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all in the ground water....

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Well this little snippet of news is sure not being reported on the TV. You don't have to be an "expert" to know that this was happening from the moment there was a leak. But fear not, the government will keep saying the food and water is safe. I fear you people in neighbouring or near prefectures are in the direct path of the infected water table. Who knows the damage this has caused to the Pacific ocean, already...

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TEPCO strategy briefing.

There is no need to panic at this point, no need to worry. The leaking water will disperse into the water table and given the proximity of the ocean, there as well. It will be another year or so before there are levels high enough to be detected outside the no go zone, until then we have plenty of time to cover our six and hide our assets. High profile execs should start applying now for their desired lateral move to positions in other industries that are revolving door friendly to ensure avilability before the rush when people start to become ill and stalling is no longer an effective tatic.

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How is it that it can be reported time and time again that 'things are getting back to normal?'

Non containment of highly radioactive water is definitely not back to normal!

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Although they have yet to admit it, it seems quite obvious the core melted all the way through the bottom and there is a hole letting the water out. They will deny this because the can't "see" the hole, but how else do you explain the water going out after dumping so much in?

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This is exactly what I stated in this forum from pretty much day 1 ( or at least 14).

More comprehensive article can be found at:

Also the low temperature in spite of the low water level indicates to me that pretty much all fuel has melted its way out from the containment vessel.

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So ... another TEPCO statement proven false!

TEPCO claimed thah there are no more leaks in the reactors, and that the structures are stable.

Thing is, where does the leaking water go, straight to the ocean, or meandering under the ground ... under places where lives are starting to be rebuilt? Either way, it's going to be a problem for sure ... leaks to the ocean would mean contaminated fish, and leaks to the ground water means more hotspots.

By personal guesswork, TEPCO claims to be pumping in millions of cubic meters of water per day. And assuming that some of the water evaporates due to the melted fuel, that's either a lot of leaks, or one big leak if there's really only 60 centimeters of radiation-saturated water.

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And Noda is it a meeting trying to restore confidence in nuclear power? Unreal.

I must be an idiot, I thought the plant was stable and all is okay...

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there are positive things here to look at. rods are gone possibly. and, there is no need to store the contaminated water! saves time and money. gravity will lead the water to the pacific, and it is large enough to absorb it.

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There's a hole in the bucket Eliza Eliza .

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Keeping the cores cool is one of the most crucial things --to keep them cool they must have a given level of water --how is it that this measurement must be done manually. How can it be possible that it cannot be monitored remotely with sensors --double and triple sensors which are calibrated periodically as necessary.

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Gravity will lead the water to the pacific, and it is large enough to absorb it.

I know you are not serious, but radiation doesn't mix with water. Irritated particles fall to the bottom and mix with the mud instead. If you check how the radiation levels have developed in the Tokyo bay, this should be crystal clear.

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From what I have been reading online, the hydrogen levels have been rising over the last 2 weeks, as of yesterday registering 4 times higher and the temperature was at 103%, but this article says differently. There was a radiation spike detected over Tokyo (Adachi-ku and Shinagawa-ku monitors) reading 3 times the 'normal' level at about 2230 on March 25 - this would suggest a venting of the radioactive gases to avoid another explosion - nothing from the govt or TEPCO - maybe we can graft those together because they are pretty much the same thing - TEPCOvernment.

I have joined my family in the UK now, our thoughts are with all of our family and friends we left behind in Ishinomaki, Marumori, Sendai and Tokyo - be safe!!!

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At last TEPCO is telling the truth... hep hep hooray...

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Reactor 2 has been getting worse for some time now. And seems to not be able to be contained.

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Why did this have to happen... Such a nightmare.

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At last TEPCO is telling the truth... hep hep hooray...

They only do so when the truth is hard to hide, or there is unavoidable imminent danger ... as usual.

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