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TEPCO says it was reluctant to worry public over toxic water leak


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May I just take this first sentence and call this bs what it is, BS!!! Wanted to make sure there was a problem knowing there was water leaking into the ocean??? And by the way one does NOT need to be an expert to suspect there was such a leak, EVERYONE did suspect, and I only use the verb suspect to be literal, since we could not prove it.

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There is a problem.

And we're worried.

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Conveniently revealing the toxic water leak "after" the House of Councillors election is criminal. TEPCO is untrustworthy.

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What a joke! First of all the J.Gov. is fully aware of what is happening there. TEPCO execs are just playing the fall guy act which is very common here in Japan. We all know that the delay was to ensure LDP got full control of the country. And a 10% pay cut? Don't insult the people of Japan! Check mate. Public you lost. So you can continue to say Shigateganai (spelling?) sit at home and accept this corrupt, boys club government. It's about time for me to start making plans to go home before it's really to late. Really use to love Japan. Been here for 32 years. it has gone to the dogs in the past two years.

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So thoughtful.

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Japanese readers, it's time to do something, how can you continue to accept this?

Many of the vocal people on here love Japan, live here and contribute, buy we can't do that much about it, other than to try and convince friends and family that they really care for Japan they need to protect it.

And 10% salary cut... Big wow.. Jail time is more appropriate.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

The only thing they were worried about was looking like fools cos they have no idea what they are doing. And, what is the J-Gov doing about it? The same as they always do, just throw our taxes at it and say, "Ganbatte!"

3 ( +4 / -1 )

these people are nothing but a bunch of lying criminals and should have been put behind bars ages ago

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I thought what worried people most about nuclear power and TEPCO was that we were not being told what the true situation was.

Now what I would really like to know is whose idea was it to keep quiet about the leak. Was it the idea of people in TEPCO or Nagatacho?

I also wonder if there were any leaks of the Snowden type. Did no one know about this earlier? This country and especially TEPCO needs whistleblowers. Also needed is a press that will listen to whistleblowers.

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No plan, no action and no idea. Time to give TEPCO the boot and get an international consortium in there who are proactive, know what they are doing, have a plan, and know how to be open and transparent. Enough is enough.

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Well, if these guys are getting say 4,000 USD a month, and they are taking a voluntary pay cut for a month of 10%, that shows us just how badly they feel about this.

"Allow us to pay a 400-dollar voluntary fine. Ooh, ow, ouch that hurt!"

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The usual BS. It wasn't waiting until they could confirm there was a problem -- for that would still worry the public, no? -- it was waiting until they knew they had absolutely no way of hiding it any more.

1 ( +5 / -4 )

Puck You TEPCO! I'm sick of your lies and arrogance.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

It's cultural.

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It's like the guy who is caught in the act with another woman by his wife and still keeps denying he is having an affair. "It's not what it looks like, honey."

Even kids can lie better than these TEPCO fools.

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If you think the top 2 execs are only getting 400,000 yen a month, it is more likely several times that amount. Still, a 10% fine is pretty pathetic.

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If they were yaks ( not just affiliated w them) they'd be out of fingers by now. How do these incompetent, moronic liars stay on?

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That's Barbara Judge? Looks like the person in the painting Whistler's Mother. As for TEPCO being reluctant, they have no right to be reluctant when it is a public concern, people have the right to know!!!

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Why don't they just admit that the never had it under control from day one. Meanwhile everyone down wind should begin to figure where they can move to, if anywhere because this is going to get much worse, that is for certain.

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Obviously, our effort is not enough. We are really sorry.

Wrong. Your efforts are misdirected. Your main concern is protecting your own interests, i.e. your treasure chest.

So you are not really sorry, and it shows. I think some jail time, preferably within the contamination zone, might change your attitude.

But that ain't gonna happen, is it.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

TEPCO Hirose: "Nagatacho, we have a problem." Abe: "Please do not make a noise until after my election." NRMC Barbara Judge: "Oh, Naomi, is that a baseless rumor in your ear...?"

2 ( +2 / -0 )

how noble of them.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

"Hirose apologized for the delay and said that he and TEPCO executive vice president Zengo Aizawa would take a 10 percent salary cut for one month over the matter."

They are obviously taking on so much hardship - it's good to know that they are ready to take action.

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There are topics in the crime section of JT that are far less serious than that!

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Nothing has changed at all.... Tepco is still withholding information for the good of the public when actually it would be better they were up front with everything.

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TEPCO says it was reluctant to worry public over toxic water leak

But not reluctant and not worry to discharge voluntary the same toxic water in the ocean nearby , you clowns !!!


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what does that even mean lol

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I wonder if it's fate. The nuclear age was ushered in over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and now Japan is closing it out.

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I for one am impressed, I had assumed that the two foreign members were bought in to give little imput except for talking up TEPO. I was wrong, the international media are on this and their strong criticism sheds a little more light on Japan's N- Industry. And the close ties it has with the LDP. They are hand in pocket to an extordinary degree. I am concerned just what else is being with held to stop "confusion"

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The operator of Japan's crippled nuclear plant said Friday that it delayed acknowledging that the plant was leaking contaminated water into the sea because it did not want to worry the public until it was certain there was a problem.

BS: Just a bunch of incompetent and selfish cowards only worrying about them loosing face. Please stop putting the burden on the supposed idiot population: we are not!

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Hirose apologized for the delay and said that he and TEPCO executive vice president Zengo Aizawa would take a 10 percent salary cut for one month

This has to be Pisstake of the Century.

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The leaks they're worried about aren't the ones to the ocean, they're the ones that go to the press.

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And then they'll be whining again soon asking for more money from us to pay their running cost operations, loan interest and salaries. I am saying as a tax payer, shutdown the company and let it goes to bankruptcy then open the electricity market because I am tired to finance TEPCO every month with my bill and with my taxes, give people THE CHOICE to pay more for a clean electricity provider if they want to and let's drop the parasite.

TEPCO is doing nothing good in the plant because, apart they have no clue what they are doing which is not a scoop since they do just exist to cash money, almost nothing can be done at this point than enclose the whole mess with a thick lead sarcophagus (we need to rebuild a global container around the corium somehow) and.... the good news is We really do not need TEPCO for doing the job ! Every single tax yen spent not to build the sarcophagus is a tax yen spent in the nation contamination and in the local corruption. Btw, I had like the gvt to get back all the compensation money TEPCO received and do handle directly the payment to the victims , TEPCO will never do it, once de the money is on their bank account, it will never leave the place.

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Huh? Reluctant to worry public? That has to have been mistranslated ! (tongue in cheek) You gotta be kidding !

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If the Japanese Government is really serious about having a handle on Fukushima it should sack all the members of top management and have foreign experts brought in to tackle the real problems. TEPCO Management has been stumbling blocks all along and have intentionally hidden the truth from the Japanese public. Question Is: Is the Abe Government also behind the lies that TEPCO has been spinning since the failure. This will not be surprising since Abe's plans is to re-start all the nuclear energy plants that had been closed down due to concerns stemming from Fukushima.

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Its time for tepco upper management to be taken OUT, since Japan doesn't have firing squads I think life sentences are certainly needed for this utter gross negligence.

Thank god I don't have kid is this country the future is going downhill at incredible speed.

The ldp make me sick to my stomach they are complicit with ALL of this!

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These eejits need to be fired-NOW!

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Not the smartest thing I've heard. You want to acknowledging all the minutiae so that when something big comes along, people will ignore it. TEPCO's problems with Fukushima is gargantuan and they have no clue.

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