TEPCO says radioactive water overflowing at Fukushima plant


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Everything ok, then, leaking, now overflowing. Time to admit you don't know what the hell you are doing TEPCO. Ask for freekin' help already.

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The latest problem involves underground water which has built up over the last month

Ummm no. It was already leaking, but until they built the wall, the breach was safely out of sight, under the ground. Get rid of the wall quick, and we won't have to deal with it. It's not happening! I see nothing!

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well, whats the prolbem - the sea in front of the plant is contaminated already since 2011.

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For God's sake, please get these cowboys out and close the place down.

Or the northern part of Honshu is going to become a radioactive desert.

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Seem to be unable to multitask, can only focuss on one problem at a time. 2 years of lies. It would seem impossible in a 1 st world nation.

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The only way to stop the leaks is to clean up but they don't know how to clean up melted fuel. They haven't removed the fuel rods from the cooling tanks. They will have to dismantle the facility but they don't know how. Doesn't adding water while trying to stop leaks seem counter productive but they have to keep the fuel cool. The fuel in the reactor, the fuel in the cooling tanks have to be keep cool. Not sure if they know if the containment building has been breached or not. Lot of ifs and no plan. Will all that contaminated water that they are holding in holding tanks hold in case of another major quake?

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TEPCO is daily poisoning the pacific ocean with carcinogen isotopes for hundred of years, when will the U.N. wake up ?

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Just another example of how TEPCO hides the truth, then has to admit the problem later. This will not simply "go away" Time to allow help and solutions from every country willing to assist.

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There are some problems that can't be fixed. This situation will only get worse and worse as containment fails. Japan is dead it just hasn't realized it yet.

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Have you noticed the genius placement of this article next to the "photo of the day" on the immediate right?

"Drink up"! lol!

actually, this is a perfect metaphor for the lack of concern in the general populace about what is happening at the plant. It showcases the prevelant attitude that "if it isn't happening to me or affecting me directly, best to ignore it until it goes away or everyone forgets"

Drink up, pay no mind, engorge yourself and perpetuate the hedonisim whilst one of the most worrying disasters in modern history plays out next door to you, largely ignored.

Drink up indeed.

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And yet they plan to restart new reactors under pressure of Nuclear Japanese companies which, btw, are not paying a cent for their mess , personally I know which companies to boycott here :

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It would seem impossible in a 1 st world nation.

Cricky, I don't really think this IS a 1st world nation. More like a 3rd world with occassional 1st world window dressings.

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Quelle surprise!

What are the odds that we will soon find out that it's actually been overflowing for months? I'd say 80%...but outright lying is the norm for TEPCO and no one in the national media has the guts to call them on it. They'd find out fast just how much freedom of press Japan really has.

"It would seem impossible in a 1 st world nation."

It would BE impossible in a 1st world nation.

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Unfortunately, at this juncture TEPCO may be losing the battle to contain radioactive water that is running into the sea. It's too little and too late, serious harms have already done to pacific ocean. What a shame!

One day when the dust finally settles, some Japanese people and leaders would be compelled to ask some hard questions about how could opportunities and time were squandered in the first place or how people in the high offices could keep silent without being bothered by their conscience.

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Crustpunker.............Perfectly written. So very true. Like an emu with its head in the sand.

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how people in the high offices could keep silent without being bothered by their conscience.

I believe we can answer that already : "because the money was flowing"

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I think it's bad that things are flowing out to the sea, but I would also like to know what aquifers and fresh water sources are being contaminated. Is this currently being investigated by any organization that doesn't gain by finding nothing?

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One day when the (radioactive) dust finally settles

You realize you're talking 200 years into the future. LOL

It's just going to get worse and worse. I want to gripe about it too, but it's not going to do any good. I'm feeling now that we should live our lives to the fullest and hope we don't get contaminated. If I do, I'm not going to suffer a long and painful death. Leaving is out of the question, unfortunately my wife couldn't handle the move. So, build your dream house, take that special vacation, live your bucket list, and STOP eating fish.

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Cold shutdown all is safe....... dot dot dot... grrrr

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About the freshwater - I did find an interesting site, research actually, that focuses on fish, but mentions the contamination. It isn't happy news:


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Cue Simpsons theme! "Doh!" - Why are these clowns still allowed to handle this? And, why have they not faced any charges for negligence and concealing facts? Not to mention the environmental impact. Does Japan have an equivalent to Environmental Protection Agency? Obviously not or these goons would have been locked up long ago!

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They don't have enough workers to multitask? Totally incompetent ....

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"Is this currently being investigated by any organization that doesn't gain by finding nothing?"

Of course not. They can't allow "outside" people to come into a dangerous area, especially if they might release the information to international scientists, which would be an "unfortunate" or "embarrassing" or, god forbid, even "delicate" situation. Better to just poison your country for centuries.

It's likely not even being investigated by TEPCO or the Japanese govt. If they don't look, they can't find, and they can say "No evidence that any further contamination is occurring". Not that TEPCO and the govt would have any qualms about lying if they did find anything, but why test when the public doesn't really care anyway? The local "social club" offices must not have enough extra people to get paid to do the tests, or they would be.

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Farmboy, I'm no geologist, but I'm pretty sure Japan doesn't have any aquifers, at least in the American sense. Ground water only that's mostly supplied by rain.

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Disilusioned - "Why are these clowns still allowed to handle this? And, why have they not faced any charges for negligence and concealing facts? Not to mention the environmental impact"

Very good questions that many of us have been asking for the last 2 1/2 years....Why indeed?

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Tick...Tick...Tick...Time is running out...

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Once more, no real definition of "SEEPING"...tablespoons or tons?

"Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said that some of the water was seeping..."

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This isn't struggling. This is FAILING. TEPCO stopped struggling over a year ago.

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The way tepco acts is standard Japan Inc operating procedures! Same as govt, bureaucrats & big biz have done in Japan for decades.

And incompetence is rampant nation wide, I mean these morons build the equivalent of dams to stop groundwater flow & low & behold are "surprised " when water backs up & eventually goes around over & under said dams, DAMN! Who couldn't see that coming from a million miles away!

And the average Japanese inability to truly multi task causes problems & slows everything down here bigtime

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dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot

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It's been leaking since March 2011, they finally admitted it just now. But wait, it's the Japanese government wanted its citizens to enjoy the Fukushima beach. What kind of a criminal government does this to its own people? Not surprised, because Japan hides many problems and sweep them under the carpet, therefore no problems exist, especially for the outside world. See nothing, hear no evil, nothing is wrong.

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current solution is a bunch of hapless employees in radioactive proof suits and buckets...... Disgraceful.

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Please look up "Minamata disease" for an overview of how this whole disgusting scenario is likely to play out. It seems that nothing has changed in the past few decades.

I could weep, but I've simply decided to stop caring. Why should I care for people who don't care what their government does to them anyway?

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The levels of incompetence would be hilarious, if not for the fact that it is a nuclear disaster site.

I cannot believe that they are seriously considering plant restarts. I also cannot believe the Japanese citizenry isn't out flipping cars and protesting in front of the Diet over the prospect of restarts. I say all this, yet I'm pro-nuclear. The idea that plants may be restarting that are built on active fault lines, with a woefully inadequate safety culture, as well as an enormous lack of regulation and oversight from the JP Government, absolutely baffles me. While I try to understand the shouganai mentality, I find this lack of a backbone on the part of the Japanese citizenry, appalling.

TEPCO... Wow. Are these people 10 foot tall and bulletproof? Where are the charges of criminal negligence? I understand that the government is probably complicit in this... But, WOW... No one is in jail? Much less on trial? Tepco continues to "operate", and the citizens of Japan aren't screaming for a hanging? Pathetic.

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And they're still fishing there, unloading the catch in Chiba, and labeling it as, "produce of Chiba". It's scary stuff, but Tepco is protected by the govt. and no heads are going to roll. TIJ.

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I'm pretty sure Japan doesn't have any aquifers,

I'm no geologist either, but there seems to be some research into them, so I have to assume they exist.

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Conscience has a price.

Doesn't it TEPCO?


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