TEPCO shows media fuel rod removal work at Fukushima


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This just screams " LOOK look, we ARE actually doing something" PR campaign to me...

On a side note, that guy in the blue looks awfully unwell...

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I agree Kimu. Tell me something I don't know Mr. Foster

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TEPCO preparing the "gound" for asking more tax money ?

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Title is wrong, read the article, they are not removing the rods until November, they just showed the building.

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Since no one knows how to remove damaged fuel rods, never mind fuel that have melted, I'm not sure if Fukushima can ever be shutdown and decommissioned.

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The people responsible for the nuclear disaster, the previous directors got away without facing any criminal charges and 23 of them shared a ¥500 million golden handshake but some are entitled to pensions while others were given well paid jobs in other companies associated with TEPCO.

The Law does stop at the gate of the plant.

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The should get the rights to use Homer Simpson and Mr Burns as their cartoon characters to explain this to the Japanese public and press.

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Tyvek suits aren't anti radiation, they are anti contamination

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there is nothing good or honorable about this... period/

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