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TEPCO starts pumping out toxic groundwater from Fukushima plant


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Amazing, 19 gallons per minute, thats about the speed of my home water pump.

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By mid-August, TEPCO plans to complete a new system enabling it to pump out 100 tons of groundwater a day.

Minimum 300 tons of contaminated water is leaking every day! What is this pseudo promise to contain only 100 tons/day!?

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The biggest and the most serious problem with the nuclear plant is the disposal of the nuclear materials. The people got started using the nuclear plant attracted to its efficiencies without having an answer to the disposal problems. Once the leaks happen, the radiation contamination continues unimaginably long years. I wonder why and how Hiroshima and Nagasaki overcame the problem and people live there and can eat fish taken in Setouchi.

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A French expert said the environmental risk posed by the leaks was small ...

Why am I not surprised?

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"A French expert said the environmental risk posed by the leaks was small compared to the overall radioactive contamination from the disaster."

I wonder how many, said, experts were asked that same question before they found one to give that answer...

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If only the headline read.....

'Tepco starts digging fissionable material out of the ground for immediate secure containment'

Then I would know that the steps to save Honshu were underway and that the slow poisoning that we are all undergoing is coming to come to an end....,

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week pledged deeper public involvement into the clean-up of the Fukushima plant.

The reasons there has not been greater govt involvement and a third party watchdog from the very beginning is beyond me. After TEPCO's bungling of the initial days of the disaster, how could anyone expect they could manage the long-term crisis effectively on their own.

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We should listen more to the Frensh and orher experts before making unqualified guesses about the environmental and health risks of these emissions.

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This is a performance show for the international world audience. This is how Japan works. They already know this is not going to work. They might have had a chance if they came clean right from the start of the disaster. Now it's far far too late. This is what happens when you try to sweep serious problems under the carpet.

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Now, just suppose that TEPCO AND the government KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this mess would give EVERYBODY in Japan cancer within the next decade or so.

Would you expect them to come out and say it?

Or would you expect them to drag their feet as long as possible, coming up with new "fixes" every couple months just to show they are on the ball?

Remember, the number one agenda of TEPCO regardless of what they say is to maintain their position and power.

Same goes for governments.

Now, I'm not saying that everybody's gonna get cancer in ten years, and marine life will forever be changed, but if it they knew this would happen, they wouldn't say JACK.

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"It has been an urgent issue for us to suck out groundwater from this area as soon as possible,” a TEPCO spokesman said......... 2.5 years after the meltdown!

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still wondering , they will start pumping from ? to dump again where?? they are just moving it in circles!!

3 ( +3 / -0 )

"A French Expert said the environmental risk was small..." ??? The so-called French 'Experts' are completely in bed with the Japanese company TEPCO. The French Government said from the beginning that Japan did not need to close or shut-down any nuclear power plants...and their reward for that self-serving lie was that Japan government and French government signed Agreements to collaboratively build more nuclear power plants around the world. 42-percent of French people are against Nuclear Plants versus 33-percent in favor. Is that because they know how unreliable the French nuclear companies are at protecting the environment? Areva, from France, is one of the only companies invited by TEPCO to help at Fukushima, and Areva (with Kurion) was supposed to be responsible for Groundwater Containment filtering. I guess those French 'Experts' were not successful in preventing 300-Tons of contaminated Groundwater per day escaping from Daiichi. Since TEPCO has no clue about where the water is leaking from, nor how long it has been seeping into the Ocean...If this has been going on since March 2011, then 300-gallons/day x 30-days/month x 29-months...that is only 261,000-tons of contaminated water. Good thing the French 'Experts' have assured us that this is insignificant, when superflously and out-of-focus comparison to the total contamination of the entire Fukushima-ken and surrounding prefectures. So, TEPCO promises (again) to have a system that pumps 100-tons/day ready sometime in August...leaving only 200-tons/day flowing into the Ocean...perhaps we should ask the French so-called 'Experts' to drink the water or eat the fish anywhere on the eastern coast of Japan, since it is such a small environmental risk in their minds. The Japanese people should demand that these French 'Experts' from Areva (supported by Kurion) to stop proclaiming self-serving platitudes about how environmentally risk-free this contaminated water is and go back to France?

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kiyoshiMukai wrote "Amazing, 19 gallons per minute, thats about the speed of my home water pump." Pumping from a well cannot be more than the rate at whicht the well is being replenished by ground water. You will lose the prime on the pump(s)

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Big Deal! Isn't this something that should have been started a long time ago instead of now? So, what is this announcement about? Another admission of its failure to respond earlier?

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Kapuna Pumping from a well cannot be more than the rate at whicht the well is being replenished by ground water. You will lose the prime on the pump(s).

Then Tepco should dig more holes. way more holes.

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It seems that the problem is that humans still cannot stay outside the plant for any length of time, they have raised the exposure time , but it still would be a death sentence to work over the amount. The people working there today cannot stay working there and a new person will have to replace them, this will have to go on for years to come, I'm very sorry for the eastern seaboard of all asia and australia in the next 10 years.

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19 gallons per minute, that's about the speed of my home water pump.

I don't know much about water pumps, but if TEPCO would invest $214.17 (approx. 20,000 yen) they could buy the water pump below from Amazon with a 158-gallon per minute capacity. What a joke.


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Then Tepco should dig more holes. way more holes.

And then jump into them never again to resurface!

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Tepco pumping out toxic water, Where to ? The Sea ?

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Before we all go hysterical about this matter, lets calm down and look at the actual amount of radioactive emissions: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/08/10/the-fukushima-radiation-leak-is-equal-to-76-million-bananas/

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