TEPCO starts sending out claim forms for compensation


Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said Monday that it has started sending out forms to Fukushima residents to file claims for damages resulting from the evacuation of areas surrounding its stricken Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO said it aims to make its first payments in October.

TEPCO officials told a news conference in Tokyo that the initial round of compensation claims are to cover damages from March 11 up to Aug 31. The company also announced that subsequent claims are to be taken quarterly and that the first round of compensation will not cover property damage.

According to the government, about 80,000 people were evacuated from a 20-km radius around Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been leaking radiation since March 11.

Compensation will cover transportation (5,000 yen per person) and lodging expenses (8,000 yen per night for accommodation) for anyone forced to relocate, as well as mental suffering. Additional amounts will be paid for loss of income on a case-by-case basis, TEPCO said, adding that those amounts will be in line with government guidelines issued earlier in August.

As part of the compensation plans, the government will pitch in an initial 2 trillion yen in the form of special government bonds to help TEPCO.

The Diet in early August, passed a law to create a state-backed entity that would help TEPCO pay the compensation bill for the disaster, estimated to reach tens of billions of yen. The government has agreed to help TEPCO compensate evacuees and other victims, conceding in the law that the state is partly responsible because it has promoted nuclear energy for decades.

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Application forms many languages? Ofcourse Japanese only.

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Well yeah. It's Japan. If you can't speak the language, get someone to do it for you. If you have nobody like this to turn to, you shouldn't be there anyway.

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Apparently the application form is full of disclaimers and is a whopping 60 pages long!! It will be a sh1tfight for any of those poor folk to navigate their way through it all. I hope the Japan Bar association sends some good people up there.

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6 months on - forms :(

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

So how can they deliver the forms to the victims houses inside the 20 km exclusion zone, if it is illegal to enter the zone. Or will some poor post office worker have to ride his bicycle through the radiation to "get the job done"? I guess they will probably set a deadline for the application form that is delivered to houses inside the zone, so that nobody can receive them, and all unclaimed monies could be set aside for this years TEPCO boninkai parties.

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Most people evacuated from the exclusion zone will have notified the post office to redirect their mail which is a free service.

60 pages is excessive, that's going to be difficult for many older people but I guess TEPCO is trying to cover their legal back and there will be some making a claim but are not entitled.

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This form is for the period Mar-end of August so they'll have to do it again for Sept-end of December.

How long will it take TEPCO to process about 100,000 forms?

A family with a couple of kids stand to receive about ¥4.5 million.

What about people from outside the zone who have been affected by the radiation?

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Only took 6 months to print the forms...I wonder how long to process them...hmmm...

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As part of the compensation plans, the government will pitch in an initial 2 trillion yen in the form of special government bonds to help TEPCO.

So the tax payers are paying for it... meaning the people getting the money are actually paying for it as well.

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gogogo - Never let facts come in the way of a good story!

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In the end, future taxpayers will pay for the compensation, the cost of dealing with the power plant and the reconstruction costs from the quake and tsunami. If the government sold all the shares it holds in private companies, it would raise about ¥17 trillion.

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Here is a heart felt advice for you:

Do not sign unless you understand all exclusions and disclaimers on the paper. The 60 pages long documents are telling me there a lot of holes.

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Holy crap, but filling that out is adding to the tragedy. Just imagine what some people have to write: I lost my house, my business, all my personl possessions, my land, my mother and my 2 children.

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You can be assured that Teco have the best legal team available and will squeeze every yen out begrudgingly. Even the govt's yes man dr. Yamashita has said that the government will do a huge scientific survey wanting to know where people were, what they ate everyday, preexisting conditions, how much time they were in the area.. Basically to protect the govt. From cancer payouts later on, and you will rest assured tepco will go through people' financial records, structural integrity reports, whether they had an emergency/ escape procedure in place, whether they were in error trying to rescue pets, family or belongings.. They will create as much anguish and redtape that it will deter people from making claims. All these big companies do this.. Then they will have to deal with banks and insurance firms, tryind to validate info on their koseki tohons that was probably lost. This could be the point where the weaker people completely break. If Tohoku has seen a drainage of doctors and nurses I imagine paralegals are thin on the ground.

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All receipts and additional evidence of all payments made will required.

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the japanese government's legislative and executive branches of the japanese government have failed the people miserably. the only branch left that can possibly help the people is the judicial branch. tepco knew that a tsunami of the size that occurred was possible. tepco did nothing, i.e. essentially gambled and lost. now they should pay all cost of clean up and damages. 5000 for transportation and 8000 for lodging is a joke. everyone should sue tepco for all damages arising as a result of the radioactive contamination and if tepco can't pay it should be put into bankruptcy and operated under a trustee to insure that the monopoly profits earned are being paid to compensate the damages and not being used to pay the inflated salaries or used for an "advertising" budget larger than sharp's!

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@. Totally agree. Plus legislation is make sure this doesn't happen again.

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Wow! 60 pages! That seems a little excessive, but I guess it will cover a variety of sitations ranging from family, business, tourism and such. Hopefully those poor souls don't need to fill out every page and hanko every box. And after the book is completed, maybe they should think of photocopying it and have a lawyer check it over just to make sure that nothing is missing or filled in incoreectly that may disqualify them from receiving their payment.

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Certainly don't want to support Tepco, but realistically there are some legal arguments that will certainly be made of the legality of the claims, who can claim, who can't claim, etc. Consider this: If the earthquake destroyed your home, and killed some members of your family, where would you go? Whose fault would it be? If this same thing happend within the 20 km zone, then whose fault is it? Not making an argument either way, just saying that these things will be complicated--- and yes, there will be people trying to cheat the system... There always is...

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6 months for preparing forms? Must be hella thick and filled with legal loopholes for TEPCO to dance their way out of paying anything.

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156 Pages - What a Bureaucratic Pathetic Joke! - Like many other thing here "It has to be complicated"

Also Can someone tell me how the Elderley are going to filling in this BOOK!

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TEPCO has apparently proposed to the government that it will raise electricity rates 10 - 15% for three years starting next April. If approved, the monopoly's customers will be paying for its mismanagement. If, as seems likely, the government provides subsidies as well, taxpayers across the nation will be contributing, and TEPCO customers will be contributing twice, in taxes and in power bills.

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