TEPCO submits restructuring plan to gov't


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3.5 Trillion yen in taxpayers money. Hmpf!!!! Babies who aren't even born yet will end up paying.

Such passive people to not lynch these execs at TEPCO.

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Raising household electricity rates by 10% is outrageous !!! Let the mafia organization go under and file criminal charges against all former top executives. Keep fighting TEPCO Gov. Ishihara. I have a plan: Delist TEPCO from the stock market. Sell its assets to compensate the people of Tohoku. Have the former chairman and president write a handwritten letter of apology to all people in Japan. Make all TEPCO executives and senior management clean up the oceans by hand or otherwise for polluting the ocean and destroying the fishery industry. Make TEPCO trade secrets available to the public via a governmental web site so that new alternative energies can be created. In the meantime people should burn candles and take cold showers then give TEPCO a mafia organization 10% more in profits. Keep fighting Gov. Ichihara and order the NPA to arrest them all.

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I was just thinking about storing up on the candles myself... A 10% raise in electricity bills - which are already well "padded" - is going to be too much for most people - especially when taking into consideration the 10% raise expected in the consumption tax. Why should the general public be held responsible fo TEPCO's debts?

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I got a great idea! Let's just turn on a few of the idled nuclear energy generating plants... You wouldn't have to raise rates and we could all keep using our air conditioners! Ginza, Shibuya, Akihabara, Shinjuku, and all those other garish places could keep the lights on for the rest of us, too! Wouldn't that be great?

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I think the president should reduce his pay to ¥100 a year. To show the public Tepco is committed in restructuring plan.

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This is an important step as we continue to swiftly and appropriately compensate people who have been affected (by the nuclear accident), the spokesman told AFP, adding specifics would be revealed once the plan had been approved by government.

Swiftly and appropriately... more than a year after the accident... Really? We are all on the edges of our seats waiting for the "specifics" to be "revealed" after TEPCO receives its bailout money...

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Thats how things work here. Large and politically influential companies create some mess and in the end the taxpayer has to pay for it.

Why arent the TEPCO execs in prison yet? Why isnt anyone held responsible for what happened in Fukushima? How come the same ppl who have been preaching nuclear safety all the time before 3/11 are still in charge now?

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TEPCO's offer is nonsense. Let them suffer. I am sure they have the money but greedy enough to keep it until the last minute if the government will not lend them. Electricity is the most lucrative business in the world and TEPCO is filthy rich. Don't believe this amoebas. Their profits are all invested somewhere and in bonds.

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hmmmm, 1 trillion for ownership of a complete mess, with no end in sight and endless liabilities. Most (half) of power generation coming from nuclear power, which won't get restarted, as Japan is going nuclear free (and back to hydrocarbons). I'm sure the government will come to some sort of agreement.

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And finally only ones which can go into shut down and maintain the cooling systems even in the event of a powerful earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, fire, flood, whatever.

It is still easier to make quake -, fire-, and waterproof storages for backup power than overhaul the electricity generation. I am all for geothermal, but building it isn't easy. When it works, it'll be even longer term solution than nuclear plant, but building it isn't easy and it is even more vulnerable to quakes than nuclear power. Repairing pipes isn't easy task when these are filled with overheated water.

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TEPCO submits restructuring plan to gov't

Wrong. It should not be TEPCO to draft restructuring should be an independent body overseeing the way forward after Fukushima as TEPCO lost the little trust and credibility that remained with the people. Nobody will even believe that plan. Restructuring of NPPS should not only be limted to fukushima and TEPCO. It should apply to all NPPs

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If Fukushima Reactor failures have teach a good lesson to criminal industrialists,politicians,bureaucrats and nuclear safety experts,scientists and Engineers who contributed for the explosion either by their sins of omizssion and commission,thge propertiesa of all these people must be taken over by the Government to pay for the costzs of dismantling,decontamination and to pay compensation to the victims for decades to come.If Japan penalises the guilty,then Nuclear power promoters all over the world will talk with responsibility on nuclear safety and act guardedly in promoting Nuclear Reactors which ar just slow killers of mankind and Nature.people all over Japan must demand their Members of Parliament to initiate action in this right direction tro punish the guilty and protect the virtuous people.

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Way to go, Rick. That TEPCO pretends to maintain even a semblance of independence in the face of its liabilities is outrageous. The costs of rehabilitation exist, are massive, and all of TEPCO's assets cannot even begin to cover them.

Direct nationalization is the obvious answer. All shareholders will be wiped out, all debt obligations not related to nuclear recovery discharged - this is the minimum owed to the victims of the disaster and the taxpayers of Japan - those who will ultimately pay the price for the disaster. All else is simply pussy-footing around and an attempt to alleviate losses to investors and - worse - company management.

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If TEPCO raises my electric bill 10%, I'll switch to another power company. Oh wait, there isn't any other power company, lol.

I need a loan to start Serrano Power & Light Co.

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I looks like TEPCO, the ministers, and political sponsors that want to see thier share prices get a little higher have come to an agreement, the clean up contracts have been dividing out, the public got a 10% power increase. Business as usual. Now let's move on to restarting the power plants . o

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Money, money, money... that is all they want.. Sickening.

What gets me is that all the new houses that are building built need so much freaken elcrticty it is sicking. My shower tells the temp and time 24 hours a day. I don't need that. I can't turn it off. My bathroom light has a green/red light running 24 hours a day. I don't need a damn light to tell me someone is in the bathroom. My door bell has a red light so people can see it in the dark... I mean really, can Japanese people live without such crap? I won't start with the toilet seats, the aircon.... Such a waste of power and people buy into it hook, line and sinker. Unreal.

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The government hopes Shimokobe will take the lead in turning around the utility

Yup, a 64 year-old lawyer with no corporate senior management experience and no expertise in the power industry and/or nuclear power, and he's going to be the "chane agent" TEPCO desperately needs. Yeah, right. Japan is in such trouble.

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I don't get it. How did the "government wants to take control of tepco" become "tepco restructures to receive more cash"???

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