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TEPCO takes blame for Fukushima nuclear crisis

By Mari Yamaguchi

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It took long enough! But thank you for FINALLY stating the obvious!

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The utility that operates Japan’s crippled atomic plant said Friday that it deserves most of the blame for the country’s nuclear crisis, in its strongest remarks about its own shortcomings.

And it only took 2 years for them to admit this..? Everyone knew it from the very day disaster struck!! TEPCO, the shameful, corrupt, incompetent, and profit-over-people greedy power company now trying to say they're responsible? sorry?

We learned that it only takes one rat, not even an earthquake or tsunami, to paralyze the plant," said Yukihiro Higashi, an Iwaki Meisei University engineering professor who is on a government nuclear regulatory panel overseeing Fukushima Dai-ichi safety.

Bravo Yukihiro, Bravo. The world is glad you're gaining such insights and making such progress in learning about nuclear safety. Too bad the real rats are those that make up TEPCO. Try eRATicating them first.

TEPCO as we know it should be eradicated.

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This iis a step forward. A bit like admitting your an alcohlic, the 1st step in a journey to recovery.

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Officials said Friday that rats and snakes are frequently spotted at the plant, even inside its emergency command center.

lol, this statement is gold.

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rats and snakes. later will be giant rats and three headed snakes

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Nobody ever wants to admit the real blame behind the disaster....the entire nation itself. TEPCO is only feeding the greedy needs of electricity that everyone wants. When I first came to Japan 23 years ago and saw the relentless use of electricity by people (not that North Americans are any better) I knew that one day we would pay the price for all that unlimited power. We all love our luxury and comfort,to be able to buy a nice cold can of cola from a vending machine on the street or put on our air conditioner.That convenience isn't fueled by magic.Japan doesn't have good use of hydro power or other natural resouces for creating electricity. The obvious answer to meet the high demands of the nation's incredible use of electricity was to make nuclear power plants. No one was complaining about the plants 23 years ago,but I knew one day we would pay a price. Yes it is true that TEPCO was grossly unprepared for the disaster,but it is our society's greedy and relentless dependency on electricity that is at fault.

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And in another 10 years they'll admit FULL responsibility, but being that this is Japan they still won't be punished.

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Sounds like a case of 'Short Term Sacrifice, Long Term Gain' . Apologize today to build tomorrow. I'm sorry but I just can't see TEPCO apologizing and accepting blame for one of the worst disasters in history without an agenda. Best I can say is keep reading JT. I find it very interesting how our comments become actual news. Are JT readers psychic?

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So, they have made an admission of guilt. That means they are off the hook. They also admit to collusion with the government. No mention of liability or litigation. I was gonna say, it must be nice to be above the law, but then I realized, they are the law.

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I thought April Fool's day jokes had to be used on Monday.

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To some degree nuclear power has a danger, but Tepco and the government bureaucrats allowed cutting corners, design flaws and just bad choices as to what to save first after the tsunami (the reactors rather than the environment).

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The amaount of lies, treachery, incompetence and cowardice in the higher echelons of power and society here is simply breathtaking. It takes a disaster to get people up in arms about the behaviour of corporations/institutions, but in some form or other it is happening all the time.

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After some time in Japan I got to the point that competence is not valued in people's careers. Do not expect professionalism even in nuclear matters. Hence, better stop the nuclear industry here. Japan is not an adequate country, speaking not only of adverse natural environment, but also cultural.

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"... officials are considering further anti-rodent measures."

Are the officials considering cats?

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10Yen Man is in prison and these guys get to walk the street and laugh about it. --> Talk about life being unfair. The saddest part of all this is the kids that got exposed to radioactive iodine --> did not need to happen.

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Rats and snakes in the control room...are they serious? I am certainly no expert but if there were rats and snakes in my work place I would certainly have more than a few concerns. Guess the N-industry maintains work place standards that would be unacceptable in let's say a convenience store! Ahhh now I understand, they just don't care.

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Kids with flat feet, kids with iodine poisoning, kids being refused school lunch when a company is going to be investigated -- these kids will be dying of cancer in a couple of decades, and as with Minamata disease it'll take as long to admit, and to avoid any true blame. But hey, let's let TEPCO instead give golden parachutes to the people who helped create the crisis, let's let them deny interviewers that aren't TEPCO investigation units into the plants, and by all means let's avoid the truth for as long as we can. There's money to be made, after all!

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another pathetic performance under the "TEPCO BIG TOP"

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atomic plant said Friday that it deserves most of the blame for the country’s nuclear crisis

Wrong again Bob...you deserve ALL of the blame

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OK, now can a few unbelievably incompetent executives be given the prison sentences they so justly deserve for endangering the lives of millions? Or even charged and tried would be a good second step.

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And most are missing the irony that rats are thriving in the environment around the facilities, and that they haven't died of acute poisoning!

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“Our safety culture, skills and ability were all insufficient,”

Ya think? Pretty much covers all the relevant areas -- not enough thought to safety, lacking the skills needed to manage nuclear power, and the ability to respond in a crisis.

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A day late and a dollar short.

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DamienOmen70 hit the nail on the head.

Forget the bridges to nowhere, Mr. Abe. Let's have some renewables. Given the resources and determination, Japan could lead the world in hydro, geothermal, wind, tide, solar and biomass.

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Two years too late but there you go... It would be good if the Japanese government could conduct their own 'royal commission' type enquiry with the view to prosecuting some individuals...

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For the last 2 years media,( proper investigative media) have time and time again debunked the official j-Government story. Anyone who has been following this shambles will already know the truth, rats and snakes? Rats and snakes? Pathetic! Ooohhh spiders are next? How about a recognition that the company culture needs a massive overhaul, a culture of ingrained corruption and vice resulted in a situation that is on going and in reality threatens a whole country, not just a prefecture..

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It pays to be honest. As poor Safety standards always catches up with you. . Thanks for finaly telling how it was hope your company has learnt from this experience.

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What next after this criminally late mea culpa? When is TEPCO going to really bite the bullet and relent on building any more npp? I do not care how much "safer and more modern" they may claim to be. How about admitting that opening up the remaining npp is just not going to happen? What is the real future of TEPCO?

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If they had added that the great improvement would be started by immediately ceasing to employ part time staff and only having fully trained properly remunerated people with no connection to organised crime working in there, I might have taken their mea culpa a little more seriously. No sir, real change costs, so we aint gonna change that much.

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If they had added that the great improvement would be started by immediately ceasing to employ part time staff and only having fully trained properly remunerated people with no connection to organised crime working in there, I might have taken their mea culpa a little more seriously. No sir, real change costs, so we aint gonna change that much

I guess they could train the rats - that would help, right?

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OK thats step 2 complete (step 1 of course being complete denial). Now bring on step 3 (prostrate on the foor, crying and apologising) and step 4 ( complete forgiveness and lack of accountability) and we can all finally move on, happy in the knowledge that they have jolly well learned their lesson now. (sarcasm)

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ROFLMAO. We don't need TEPCO to tell us that, we all came to that conclusion two years ago.

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I bet you they said these exact words: "Moshi Wake Gozaimasen Deshita". Yup, the four magical words that somehow make everything right again.


Not this time. TEPCO will never, ever be forgiven by the Japanese public. IMHO All the executives, middle management and engineers deemed "useless" should be rounded up and immediately arrested for criminal gross negligence. Then the company should be nationalized. In fact, all nuclear power companies in Japan should now be nationalized and gradually phased out once and for all!

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