TEPCO to drop nuclear exports


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Damn right they should be keeping their staff here in Japan to deal with Fukushima aftermath and not sending them to Vietnam. As to their quality " expertise", those of us living here in north Kanto / Tohoku certainly have a first hand knowledge of that. Count your lucky stars people of Vietnam.

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So... the world is saved?

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I don't think the world's confidence in the brand name TEPCO is very big any more.

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Export nuclear power plant expertise overseas?! Hahahahahaha!

That's like North Korea sharing their missile launching expertise with other nations.

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. is to abandon plans to export its nuclear power plant expertise as it struggles to cope with the Fukushima disaster, according to news reports.

Now that, is the funniest thing I've heard in a while!

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That was a no-brainer.

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Um, they've been doing little else apart from nuclear exports recently.

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a Tokyo-based company set up in 2010 by public funds

How much of our tax money did they squander on this hare-brained scheme?

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. is to abandon plans to export its nuclear power plant expertise

I would never use Tepco and expertise in the same sentence.

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In other words, it's been downright refused, and this is just a way of trying to save face.

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gogogo: "I would never use Tepco and expertise in the same sentence."

Oh, now, be fair! If you threw a 'lack thereof' in front of expertise there's no reason why you couldn't!

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Nuclear expertise?Did TEPCO claim that title with tongue in cheek?

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Definition of a No-Brainer.

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I almost coughed up my noodles on the computer screen when I read the headline. I mean, really, TEPCO, you think??????

TEPCO was probably just outright denied by Vietnam. I don't think any country in the world wants TEPCO's so-called "expertise".


REALLY??? EXPERTISE??? I have a dentist appointment and that is going to keep me laughing till then. WOW! Expertise. I just can't get over that word.

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I have read this topic very carefully. The topic should be rewritten as to "Vietnam. is to abandon plans to import TEPCO's nuclear technology". I sure do not blame Vietnam as they have probably compiled all TEPCO's bad customer service data; not willing to take liability and responsibility. Good job, Vietnam. Tepco does not deserve any bsiness with Vietnam.

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I don't think anyone should be interested in their so-called expertise...

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export its nuclear power plant expertise

I think Japan had better stick with exporting it's lolicon

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TEPCO to drop nuclear exports eh? So does that include the radioactive waste it's been dumping into the ocean and the food sources it has contaminated?

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They will withdraw from a scheme. Keyword: scheme.

I wonder if this was even a voluntary withdrawal or if their Vietnamese partners just got fed up with their incompetence.

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