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TEPCO to miss deadline on decontaminating Fukushima water


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They really can't do anything right, it's an International joke.

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Wow... now they can't even meet their OWN deadlines! But hey, let's not indict any of them in the future when all the facts and the disaster continues to spill over. Not their fault. Out of their control. Let's just bail them out again and give them permission to increase power costs as well as turn on their well placed and maintained NPPs.

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Google 'Tepco confident', there's lots of interesting hits, starting from around April 2011 up through 2014.


Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster

(p 41) ... So confident was TEPCO that in 2001 it submitted to NISA a single-page tsunami plan that ruled out the possibility of a large tsunami hitting the plant and causing damage. The company provided no data to support its conclusions, and NISA apparently asked for none. "This is all we saw," a NISA official told the (AP) ... "We did not look into the validity of the content."

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A TEPCO promise is as solid as the ground beneath Japan's nuclear reactors.

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TEPCO to miss deadline on decontaminating Fukushima water.

Is there anyone who is surprised by this? TEPCO has zero credibility at this point.

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Why don't they just build an ice wall around it and get one of those uniformed old guys with the flashlights and the orange vests to gesticulate people into avoiding it?

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It's so safe in Japan, if my company does bad thing like spreading radoactive waist over a large area...who cares whoops please may I have more tax dollars. And raise the cost of power, what temporary housing? Those people well, they will disappear if we ignore them.

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Doubtless TEPCO executives will forego their bonuses this year to take responsibility for their failure.

Oh wait, I'm getting confused.

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Why give TEPCO deadlines when you know it will not deliver?

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Surprise surprise

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Why do I have the sinking feeling that the preferred Japanese solution to the disaster areas up north would be to manufacture a carpet large enough to cover over the entire region and then pretend as if nothing ever happened? "Radiation still leaking out? Sweep it all under the rug!"

2011: "We will completely rebuild Tohoku and make it even better than before! No expense spared! Whatever it takes!" 2015: "Tohoku? Fukushima Dai-Ichi? What's that?"

No accountability. No remorse. No need to seek anymore answers. Hey, maybe Abe's buddies on the right could help him whitewash the entire terrible fiasco out of their history books, too, while they're at it? Probably the cheapest solution on hand at the moment...and while inept at disaster recovery, we all know how SKILLED they are at historical revisionism!

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TEPCO officials have nothing to lose. J-Gov will not prosecute.

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Anyone even slightly surprised by this? TEPCO is a synonym for incompetent.

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Wow... you really have to have an "understanding" of the problem there, when you see this as a problem...

There have been meltdowns in at least one or two reactors. That means there is something called a Corum (do your research what that is) at the bottom somewhere. May be it has already broken through to the groundwater, maybe not, maybe it will. So far, there is NO way to deal with it, they learned that in Czernobyl, again, do your research, They cannot even get close to it, as even robots break down there.

Another real danger is the removal of the radioactive rods, which actually IS working, on time and without any incidents so far.

And you worry about the water problem, which nonly exists because of incompetence and and the inabaility of japanese society to remove incompetent people from their positions?

Typical... no lmowledge, no understanding, but an opinion.... great !

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