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TEPCO to pay Y88 bil to nuclear plant evacuees


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I think TEPCO should be forced to buy the property of anyone who has been evacuated who does not wish to return to the area. The market rate before the accident should be paid. In the meantime TEPCO should pay the full accommodation costs of evacuees, which will probably exceed Y50000 a month. Any compensation comes on top of these payments. Compensation for having to abandon one's home and job, compensation for having to live in a gymnasium for months, compensation for being irradiated by TEPCO: none of this is covered by a measly Y50000 per month. Maybe Y5-10 million per person would compensate for these things; this is the kind of sum TEPCO should be thinking of. Make them pay for their arrogance and wilful disregard of safety.

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@ Scrote


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For evacuees, financial compensation is one of priority agreements with TEPCO. As soon as safety living condition is resumed, everyone can return to their home. Other areas are waiting for new construction building.

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This is the final package?! Shameful!

TEPCO is also preparing to pay separate compensation to fishermen, farmers and agriculture cooperatives, and others who have suffered because of disaster.

Certainly their livelihoods were destroyed by the disaster but, in a sense, isn't every evacuee basically in the same boat? (No pun intended.) TEPCO's payouts will last only a year but it takes people longer than that to rebuild their lives from nothing. I mean, even TEPCO will take longer than a year to get those plants running!

Is there not a brave lawyer out there to put together a class action suit?

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120,000 yen per month is not very much. That can`t even amount to the lost of what these families have incurred due to the stupidity of TEPCO executives and all of the lies that the Japanese government has been telling everyone from the start. TEPCO should be made to buy all of the land and stock of everyone that were evacuated and be made to pay a big penalty to everyone that is still suffering from their ongoing lies.

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this is the tip of the iceberg... with the real costs of nuke mounting up, this pittance of a compensation is not even cheap is it ?

only way forward for Japan ?

arguments please nuke lovers ?

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Here's a better plan...

All the current stock should be cancelled. The owners can use it for toilet paper. Then issue new stock to the residents displaced by the plant disaster with all profits from operations to go to the residents.

To increase profits, reduce the salaries of all executives to ¥120,000/month for six months and then ¥50,000 after that.

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Don't you people understand? TEPCO doesn't even have the money to pay this meager compensation.

Japan’s cabinet last week approved a bill to help TEPCO meet the massive costs, and parliamentary approval is pending. It would establish a fund from public money and contributions from utilities and special government bonds.

public money = your tax money, contributions from utilities = money you paid to other electric companies

TEPCO never had the funds or the insurance to deal with a crisis like this, so the good 'ol taxpayer will be screwed again.

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I know this may be "off topic" but can Anyone tell Me What became of All the $$$$donated to the J.R.C.? The people Need To Know!!

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