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TEPCO video shows tensions as Fukushima crisis unfolds


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All of the video needs to be released to the public. TEPCO shouldn't be calling the shots in any way here.

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...of selected video clips from the total footage.

Selected by who? Why not all? There were 150 hours of footage, where is the rest? Why were even the released parts edited?

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TEPCO reluctantly released about 150 hours of video TEPCO had refused to release the footage

And they claim to be trying to regain the public's trust? Why the reluctance?

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No mention of the parts they deleted...

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Noda's voice is deleted when he scolded the workers in the tapes, according to NHK. So Tepco is STILL up to its old tricks, eh?. Time to start the criminal prosecutions. How else are they going to learn?

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@jefflee - don't you mean Naoto Kan? He was PM at the time, not Noda.

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link please.

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wanderlust, yes, you're right,

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Did any of the reports have access to this valuable resource? As it reads doubtful! Must be a lot to hide.

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One for the UN, and as evidence to be shown in the ICJ

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Video released to who? I wanna see it as well!

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150 hours of footage. After 17 months of in the loving hands of TEPCO's editors.... we get a one hour highlights package ....with the sound missing in parts...(I really want to hear what Kan said!) Wow...now under government ownership, yet they keep on getting away with it!

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Interesting as to all they could do was say 'pull back pull back' - and we are relying on nuclear power - may god help us. I also want to say - what if it actually blew up like Hiroshima kaboom! Tokyo all of us would be in trouble as we may allready even be now??

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Shows tension??? I bet it how's a bunch of dithering old fogies with absolutely no idea what the hell they were doing or how to approach the issue. I was actually pretty impressed when Kan got stuck into the TEPCO management, but he didn't go far enough.

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More of the footage will be eventually released. One piece at a time since they want to minimize shock to the public.

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@robert roo - Nuclear power plants cannot blow up like Hiroshima, the level of uranium is too low in the fuel. However, they can suffer conventional explosions, as happened from hydrogen, and radioactive materials can be dispersed over a wide area, like in a dirty bomb, as also happened.

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Yeah... definitely not a technology that a private sector can handle. Sounds like a life or death situation.

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Why is there suddenly audio? They said they were not going to release it with audio?

Plus if there is 150 hours why is only 90 mins shown? Tepco = government so SHOW THE ENTIRE RECORDING!

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My guess is the vids also show lots of incompetence!

When are the guilty going to be hauled away in cuffs!

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If there was "tension" it means they were arguing, meaning at least one side of the argument did not understand what they were doing! More than likely the upper management!

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Video released to who? I wanna see it as well!

You can watch 90 min footage here↓


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It is absolutely unbelievable that TEPCO can refuse to show video, and edit out the sounds of that they DO show. After all the incompetence that lead to the disaster they still have that much power. TEPCO heads should be locked up for life.... but instead the workers are harassed and stigmatized.

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How many times are they going to FALSELY state that the reactor blew up? The tin roof of the containment building was blown off, the reactor was not.

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How many times are they going to FALSELY state that the reactor blew up? The tin roof of the containment building was blown off, the reactor was not.

Gee... that sounds so much better.

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Unfortunately, the real news is in what is not being shown in the film

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Tepco has conveniently muted Kan's audio.

Kan is now in a win-win situation, in as much as how can anyone believe Tepco over him when it doesn't want the public to hear what Kan had to say.

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“The number three reactor, it’s perhaps water steam, there was an explosion! 11:01 am!” he says, his voice cracking.

A calm male voice from the TEPCO headquarters responds: “11:01 am. Acknowledged. An emergency communication.”

the tepco HC operator is not much help at all. "ok, I acknowledge you are running around panicking, I'll make sure the boss knows, he's having lunch now"

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"Tensions" is too generous a word. The headline should read "panic" or "frozen in fear".

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The lying, two-faced, no-good idiots. Telling us all to "not panic-monger" and "stay calm" when they KNEW it had all gone to hell. Discrediting those who dared to question their safety, and lying to the general public as a matter of course. Of course there will be no apologies nor admissions of guilt, just drip feeding little by little.

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Yes. The 2 important parts of this article are. 1)  The utility handed out 90 minutes of "selected" video clips from the total footage. 2)  Of the video released, about "50 hours had sound while the rest did not". All the important stuff has been held back. My guess is that it will be released in 50 years time when we are all dead. The manipulation is so totally in ya face. My understanding of the explosion was that is was somewhat contained and could have been much larger if the pools that keep the spend rods had overheated as the water cooling them escaped. That's why they were dumping water on them from the ocean and poisoning the ocean too with the run off and escaped water and all.... My point written before was if an accident happens and all they can do is say 'pull back' 'pull back' and run away...then surely common sence would have told them years ago they were playing with fire....????

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Frontline: An unprecedented account of the crisis inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex


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Why did we inject public funds... why are we helping Tepco. Then they manipulate videos and why do they have so much power over the government. It is clear that Tepco is hiding the truth and only thinking of themselves.

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erh ... so .. where's the video ?

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One has an eerie sense of deja vu. Nixon was forced to release the White House tapes as TEPCO has been forced to release their videos. Nixon tried to get away with versions that edited out what, in his mind were the damaging parts and so has TEPCO. What Nixon considered acceptable and harmless to him was so offensive that it showed his incapacity to understand normal codes of behavior and put paid to his public career. The TEPCO videos show a leadership in total disarray, amoral at best, and unconcerned for the lives of the Japanese people - and that's the part they want us to see!

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The video may be interesting but it's common knowledge that if TEPCO had allowed the US Navy to pump seawater into the cooling plumbing the reactors might have been scrap but the disaster wouldn't have happened. That's the real crime here. Anybody have any video or notes from those meetings? I'd expect that the TEPCO desicion makers wanted desperately to save the reactors and told the engineers on the ground "gambare" or something like that.

Yep, what's been release shows a bunch of incompetents. What they are hiding probably borders on criminal.

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I'm not too concerned about some of the video being without audio. Security cameras don't normally have audio. I'm more concerned with how much video Tepco is still withholding. They are really in no position to be demanding anything.

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Toally vindicated, more evidence of what us who left at that time knew, things were totally beyond control and the govt was not to be believed or trusted.

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Why not disclose where mr.kan video is screaming like crazy with the technicians of the fukushima plant?

Perhaps this is the old fool had not gone to the fukushima plant, hindering the work of the technicians,these accident had not happened. He is responsible for the accident of plant fukushima!

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what took so long? why hasn't the government appropriated this and made it public. somebody has to sue tepco.

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May 2nd, 2012

Japanese Ambassador Murata is joining in the growing chorus which include US Senators who are warning the he problem at Fukushima nuclear reactor 4 is the single greatest short-term threat to humanity and has the potential to destroy our world and civilization as we know it.

The Ambassador puts it very bluntly saying the warnings about reactor 4′s threat to end human civilization are no exaggeration.

He is joining forces with human rights groups from around the globe in calling for the UN to step in and end the crisis in Fukushima that TEPCO is planning on taking decades to resolve after repeated warnings that even a minor earthquake could cause the spent fuel pool to collapse which would result in a radiation release so massive it could end life on earth.

At least someone spoke out ney! Good on you Mr Murata Ganbatte!!!!!!

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