TEPCO officials visit homes in Niigata to apologize over latest blunder on safety issue


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FFine them! Oh wait it's the government :(

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NO, no one should accept any apologies from TEPCO for again deceiving the public with their guano!

I'll bet there is an army of part-time helpers being specifically trained to go out on the streets and apologize to all 41,000 of these customers....and the people will be impressed by the show, and forgive TEPCO for their misdeeds.

Once again, letting the wool get pulled over their eyes, while they choose to keep living in the bubble of safety.

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So, apologizing for straight up lying is acceptable? How about some criminal charges for blatantly falsifying records and putting the safety of the public at risk? TEPCO is 51% owned by the government, thus making them above the law. It's disgusting what corporations get away with inn Japan.

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Reduce the power bills by 10% please!

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they plan to visit about 41,000 houses through September

Which means that they're not going to get any work done.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Power bills won't go down, they need to up to pay for more work on the NPP on top a fault line.

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Good old TEPCO again! And no no no... they didn't cover it up "intentionally", it was an "accidental" cover up, just like the rest of them have been. How can you not trust them?

But will these falsified records put in to get the green light for safety checks lead to said green light being rescinded? Nope. Because why would actual safety trump profit-seeking by a large, mostly government owned, company?

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Nothing to see here. It's SOP for TEPCO and the people will buy it as always.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Another Cover-up ? And simply an apology - that's way too easy. Something really has to be done about them. And what about the Regulator... sounds like they're not doing their job, and that they have no "Teeth" when it comes to enforcement.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Well, you can call it lying and deceit, or you could call it a clerical error that the company is bending over backwards to apologize and bow and scrape over.

It would not be news if it were not Tepco. And Tepco would not be news if it were not for something that happened six years ago that was beyond their control.

Why not save our outrage for someone who really deserves it? All these people want to do is provide reliable, stable electricity..... the yardstick of civilization ... to paying customers. Keeping them from doing that is only going to raise their costs, and your prices. So enjoy your vitriol... you are paying for it,

The number one reason I am glad I am not a Tepco customer is that I don't have neighbors like the people posting above. Number one reason. By far. And a distant number 2 is that I am going to get cheaper electricity because my utility is not burdened by having so many unreasonable customers.

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