TEPCO wins rare praise from Nuclear Reform Monitoring Committee

By Osamu Tsukimori

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This is an interesting link, I to thought that having professional outside monitors would be the answer, but,

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Barbara Judge is an advisor paid by TEPCO, not exactly objective, and hardly independent.

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Just Words. Meaningless words.

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Hmm only two comments on this? Many comments being rejected by the website?

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I don't understand all the criticism of sources here. The list of people who have genuine expertise in the nuclear industry and with nuclear engineering that are a) not a part of TEPCO or other industry groups b) not a part of universities that have some association with the nuclear industry or c) complete conspiracy theorist crackpots like Gundersen/Caldicott/etc is approximately zero. They don't exist.

The industry isn't that big, folks. It's a pretty small pool of possible experts out there, and all of them are associated with industry in one way, shape, or form. Except for the anti-science/pseudo-science conspiracy truthers, that is.

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You're fine with the Gundersen derived article as linked by minello7 (in the first comment)?

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Gundersen is hardly an unbiased voice is he? What does he want TEPCO to do? Leave the plant alone? Muppet.

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Not sure what that has to do with any of my comments, and I didn't vote you down? You should have taken that point up directly with minello7?

Well I wasn't actually responding exclusively to you on that. Anyway, not concerned with up/down votes especially on science stuff. A whole lot of people think they know something about Fukushima because they read an article once (again, not referring to you).

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You have to give some credit to TEPCO.

How many earthquake above Shindo 5 and more hit Fukushima region since March, 2011?

They have tried at their best since earthquake and Tsunami disaster since March, 2011. This kind of nuclear disaster was never experienced in the past and no nuclear technicians will expect one of nuclear power plant will be double strikes by biggest Earthquake and Tsunami. This kind of natural disaster is beyond human control. The Japanese technicians have minimized the damage if look at Chernobyl disaster and compare type of disaster between Chernobyl and Fukushima. Technology and Design for both Plants were obsolete but Russia poorly contained disaster zone and plant. Fukushima can be worst than Chernobyl disaster by such as huge powerful Tsunami and Earthquake but TEPCO technicians have doing much better job than Russian technicians who have controlled in Chernobyl disaster. TEPCO is not innocent but that kind of natural disaster was beyond human control. I don't think there will be too much difference even if TEPCO had prepared for Tsunami because the earthquake and Tsunami were huge. You can record Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami natural disaster as top 5 natural disasters ever strike to earth in modern day history.

Some peoples think they much give maximum pressure on TEPCO and Government. They should think about given credit to brave nuclear technicians who are trying to minimize spreading radiation and dismantling plant.

I believe now nuclear power technology is safer than before and the industry is learning and modifying design technology from Fukushima disaster. Peoples who strongly believe Climate change was contributed by human and CO2 and then nuclear power is only answer for them.

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Kobuta Chan, I agree with you 100%. TEPCO has shown impressive growth and maturation since the events of 3/11, and their facilities, despite being badly damaged by an overwhelming act of nature, have stood strong thanks to the hard work of dedicated men and women who refuse to accept failure when the very land of their proud ancestors is faced with such an overwhelming existential threat. Perchance I survive long enough to see that final issue of Time magazine in 2099, I fully anticipate to see the Fukushima 50 named as Humans of the Century due to their bravery, selflessness and Bushido spirit, which will, I have no doubt, prove inspiring and uplifting enough to save that other broken corporation, the government of Japan.

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What the media, and screechy commentators, including here on Japan Today, keep insisting: "TEPCO is incompetent, lying, yakuza infested, gaggle of idiots."

What the actual experts say: "good job so far; lots more to go."

Nice to read something informed and positive for a change.

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