Tests of new Haneda airport flight paths begin above central Tokyo


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So much for choosing to pay out for a house in a quite area. Guess it's money over matter. Government gets money so it does really matter.

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Locals complained that Childcare centres were going to be too noisy, how are they liking living under a flight path? Karma, got to love it.

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Hopefully it doesn't fly over those open air concerts shooting lasers around and cause problems with guidance systems.

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Sounds like famous Kai Tak of HK.

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Heard them last night flying overhead. Noisy.

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In any other country the volume of protests would drown out the noise of the jets!!

In Japan with its acquiescent population, we will see.

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There's no real need for it.

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In Japan with its acquiescent population, we will see.

Well they lost in the end but the decade long highly organised resistance to Narita airport is worth googling. The protests were sophisticated and delayed construction of the airport by a few years. Certainly not acquiescent!

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Lets hope that a plane doesn't collide with the Helicopters that already frequently fly over this area or even the odd private aircraft... such an event would create an unthinkable loss of life on the ground. And, in that case, someone needs to be held responsible.

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