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The underground 'Parthenon' protecting Tokyo from floods

By Shingo Ito

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Been there. It is AMAZING! But you need to book in advance to get a tour. I don't know what the situation with the tours is now due to the virus though..

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Very impressive.

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"I live on low ground, so floods are a clearer and more present danger than any other natural disasters," he added. "In the end, you can't count on anyone but yourself."

and Japanese tech to save the day.

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Mirrors Edge

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You can tour through it a bit on Google Maps in StreetView: http://bit.ly/KasukabeFloodTanks

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Also been to a bit of it but would never go again because I’m scared of massive predicted earthquakes.

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I cycle past it nearly every weekend on my way to Sekiyado Castle.

I didn't know it cost so much.

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Would love to visit these sites. Vividly well written article, by the way.

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I feel safer living on top of a hill, at least as far as flooding goes.

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The hall of pillars reminded me of the ones in the Mines of Moria, in Peter Jackson's version of The Lord of the Rings.

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I am deeply impressed by this underground 'Parthenon' and wish to be there one day.

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@garypen feeling safer living on top of a hill, when its flooding won't last long as soon as the water wash the base away and the erosion starts the top of the hills comes down fast to the bottom. Think of it as being on a sliding board coming down.

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if any one want to go, here is the link to the web site, booking page.

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