The voyage home: Japan's Hayabusa-2 probe to head for Earth


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Let’s hope this time the probe doesn’t crash...

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Let’s hope this time the probe doesn’t crash...

The previous probe did not crash and safely returned samples.

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The Hayabusa 2 is without a doubt Japan's greatest technological achievement.

Just amazing.

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An amazing achievement, well done Japan!

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when will people see that this is the way of the future--imagine how much humanity could achieve if we all just cooperated and channeled funds into scientific research instead of pointless wars or some bigwig's hubris

lead by example Japan, the world is watching!

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Boggles the imagination. A great achievement. Can't wait to hear what the samples tell us. Fingers crossed there's some living organism, that would be stupendous

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A proud moment for Japan and another great step in space exploration for all mankind. Bravo!

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Yes yes. Study the past to know the future.

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