Thousands stranded, scores injured in snowbound Tokyo

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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Notoriously hard-working Japanese employees 

I still don't get it. Sitting on your chair as if there is an egg to keep warm is not hard work. Maybe, "notoriously inefficient Japanese employees"...

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The reaction and way of cleaning the sidewalks is really stupid. They try to clean all and throw the snow on the street instead of just making a 1-2 m path enough to pass.

My neighbors even cleaned the entire street - pointless when the cross streets were all covered and still cars couldn't move...

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Scores injured????It was only a snowstorm, not an earthquake!

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

I cleared our road this morning, and moved the snow to an area that's out of the way and gets full sunshine. An old geezer showed up at lunchtime and threw a lot of it back onto the road, the road is shaded. I shoveled it back after he left, he returned and threw it back onto the road. I just let him go.

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@Wrembreack, i feel your pain mate.

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Get a grip folks

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Love snow so much fun to play in. Driving and walking just need to be careful, not really a big deal when we get snow except they dont want to use salt. If you are only salting a few times a year i dont see the reason for not putting it down. It does make it safer for everyone.

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Sitting on your chair as if there is an egg to keep warm is not hard work.

Best thing I've read today.

As much as I miss seeing freshly fallen snow, I don't miss regularly busting my arse every winter (sometimes even sober). Feel for some of the older folks trying to get about in such conditions. That can't be easy. It's a shame more Japanese don't retire in milder climates.

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Have to agree that this "hard working Japanese" thing is getting tired.

They work no harder than folk I know back home.

The folk I know, do however work smarter.

Minus temperatures mean ice. So all that slush may well stick hard to the ground and be pretty tough to negotiate. Be safe out there folks!

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180 people injured and it’s not over yet. There’ll still be plenty of snow and ice laying around for at least the next two days maybe longer. Sacrifice your fashion for some sensible shoes to match the conditions.

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It happens pretty much every year, like Typhoon's yet still appears to Surprise people. I love the snow. And it wasn't even a 30cm fall. Think the aging population might be the ones finding it most difficult.

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And I still saw some muppets trying to cycle this morning!

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Haha... me too. And one guy on a scooter on the back roads.


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Was watching TV this AM and they were literally showing people how to walk on the snow! Really? It was cringe worthy to watch!

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"I had planned to visit the US after graduating from university but my flight was cancelled. Why today?" an exasperated female student told NHK.

Aaah. First world problems.

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One has to spare a thought towards those who are Sleeping rough.

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