2 dead, 39 injured as tropical storm hits Japan


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Waves are excellent again for surfing.

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japanGal, you mean deadly? I'm a surfer and I live next to the ocean where two surfers has died so far!!!! Surfing on a Typhoon day is just stupid!!!

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Kyodo, citing police, said the two men who died were a 71-year-old who was trying to reinforce window glass, and an 85-year-old who had apparently gone out to check on farmland, both in Hyogo Prefecture.

Whether it be trying to fix a fallen roof antenna, or going surfing every year like clockwork, someone lacking in common sense gets themselves killed doing something so unnecessary.

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Powerful tropical storm Nangka was barreling toward Honshu early Friday after killing at least two people

Mother Nature lets us know how small we really are.

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Watching the news, all injuries were those aged 70 and older. Most of them woke up and decided to ride their bicycle in the middle of it.

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In this article, this writer has opined that a period of two and a half months covering July to mid September 2015 could likely present certain natural calamities and troubles coming via sea route for countries, among others, Japan. While the intensity of the problem cannot be exactly identified, some preparedness can help.

You don't say, typhoon season happens every year at this time.

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Usual fuss about nothing....

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Waves are excellent again for surfing.

...the last things ever written by JapanGal as she is listed as missing after going surfing during a typhoon.

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Actually, what hit Japan was a typhoon.

Naturally it has now become a tropical storm, as they all do when they lose the ability to suck up energy from the ocean.

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Usual fuss about nothing....

Not for Hiroshima or Wakayama, where there is extensive flooding.

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Not for Hiroshima

Huh? We didn't get so much as a sprinkle here.

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been in japan for donkies and getting a little bored of the hype and people talking about a typhoon is coming etc. Ends up being just a wet windy night where a pre wet food/beer shop is required. Sad that people die but its usually some stubborn gg with a lack of respect for the weather.

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We cancelled all appointments for the day and will stay indoors with beer/icecream.

This is always a correct emergency action.

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uh? We didn't get so much as a sprinkle here.

They said on NHK this morning at about 4 am that Hiroshima had a lot of rain....was that in error? I haven't been watching afterwards.

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They said on NHK this morning at about 4 am that Hiroshima had a lot of rain....was that in error? I haven't been watching afterwards.

I'm guessing it was up in the Hiroshima / Shimane mountain area, not the city. Those damned mountains protects us from the easterly winds (= no snow). Take a look at the precipitation levels on the web site and you'll see that west of the mountain ridge, Shimane got soaked, Hiroshima, nothing.

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I see. I've been to Hiroshima only once, and don't have any local knowledge.

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Yamanashi Prefecture suffered much rain and damage from landslides.In western Kanagawa, and eastern Yamanashi, the ground is saturated and even when the typhoon passes, trees and soil will be a threat for many for a good while. Did you see the 10 meter wall crash down from the house it was supporting? The house was left hanging over the ledge. In this area, the roads were flooding, gutters were spilling over, the Chuo Honsen line between Takao and Otsuki stopped completely and today, stop and go at best. Route 20 opened and closed and the Chuo Highway west of Hachioji closed but opened in the night. Open one way only this a.m. Actually, I was able to drive a family member over the Takao pass but was stranded in Takao for the entire day and into the evening as Route 20 west of Takao immediately closed after we got off. It just rained buckets and buckets all day west of Takao, but in Takao, it was off and on. Other family and friends said it rained lightly off and on in Tokyo. JARTIC has an interactive map that shows road closures. Many smaller, but essential roads remain closed.

Now we have a new landslide alert for our phones and tablets. Went off a few times last night for at least Kanagawa and Yamanashi prefectures.

Schools were closed in parts of Yamanashi, Kanagawa and Hachioji today (the 17th).

Again, we became aware of how dependent we are on good tunnels, train lines and roads to stay connected to Tokyo.

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Unfortunately, Japan now has to keep a watch on Tropical Storm Halola, which is currently tracking west of Wake Island and could later in the week make a turn towards the Japanese home islands like Tropical Storm Nangka did.

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Sphie: 2 people died where I hit the waves all year long last pre summer season because they did not understand rips, surf conditions, and one was a weak swimmer.

We utilize rips to get out. Study pretty girl, study.

It is not stupid to hit the waves when taifu approach. It is a lot of fun and a challenge. So, even though you live close to the beach as I do, I respect your sense of fright and not to enter the water. Congrats on making a good decision. I will still ride.

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