Three bodies found after fire guts unoccupied house in Kagawa


Three bodies were found Sunday night after a fire destroyed an unoccupied house in Tadotsu, Kagawa Prefecture, police said Monday.

According to police, neighbors alerted the fire department around 10 p.m. The house was completely burnt down and police found the three bodies which they said appeared to be female adults. Neighbors said a mother and two daughters used to live in the house but they moved out about 7 years ago. The house had no gas, electricity or water supplies.

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do you think maybe the house wasn't unoccupied, that the family didn't move out, and that the 3 bodies are said family? just a hunch

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bobcatfish, the article clearly states the house was unoccupied. So the real questions are where were the bodies found and if they were found in the house who put them there after the fire? <sarcasm>

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Well, if three bodies are found in a house after a fire I guess the house wasn't exactly 'unoccupied.' By definition. Maybe it was 'abandoned' or 'left vacant' but it certainly wasn't 'unoccupied.'

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