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Three bodies found inside car in Oita


The bodies of two men and one woman were found inside a car Saturday afternoon in Yufu City, police said Sunday. Based on the state of the bodies, police believe that they had been inside the car for more than a month.

The vehicle was discovered in the mountains of Yufu City, located in central Oita Prefecture. Police received a call from a passerby reporting a parked car with what appeared to be dead people inside.

Officers arrived to find three bodies, one man in the driver's seat, a second man in the back, and a woman in the passenger seat. What appeared to be three testaments were also found inside the vehicle.

Police are currently trying to determine the identity of the three, what their relationship may have been, and if foul play was involved or if the incident was a group suicide.

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Ugh, another bunch of group suicide losers?

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wow, a month dead inside the car during summer... gross, like beef jerky

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Jerky? no it's too humid. Would want lots of vicks up the nose to open that car door.

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I'm starting to get cold now at hearing this kind of news of pack suicides day after day, and year after year. Is there anything illegal about robbing dead bodies of their money or rings?

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Wow, that is pretty cold to call them "suicide losers". Would you cheer them on if they chose a life of welfare instead or a life of homelessness or a life of mooching off their parents? I don`t think they were losers at all. I think they were just people that lost hope and perhaps their means of making a living to support themselves. Some people will continue living by losing their pride to poverty and others try to maintain their dignity by just checking out of this world and not putting a burden on others. I feel sorry for anyone who is put in a position where they have to choose between mooching and death. It seems to me most of these suicides are about joblessness, poverty, and a lack of hope.

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It seems to me most of these suicides are about joblessness, poverty, and a lack of hope.


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I feel sorry for anyone who is put in a position where they have to choose between mooching and death

Those were the only options they had between the 3 of them?

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What a sad end to three lives. This is a social phenomenon in Japan, Group Suicide, and seems to be on the rise. I hope they are at peace and escaped from whatever was making their life unliveable.

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"yeah...losers" Stirfry, it is attitudes like this that mean they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. I hope you never face long term unemployment, but if you do, you might have your eyes opened to the fact that no everyone who is unemployed is a loser. Sometimes companies just close. Sometimes there are just financial cuts in the company that force the company to let ppl go despite the fact that the ppl are good workers. Sometimes there are unscrupulous employers who dont want to pay the cost of retirement benefits or they want to put their unqualified relative in a qualified, experienced person`s place so someone gets unfairly cut. Not every unemployed person is unemployed because they came to work drunk or overslept every day. Once one becomes unemployed, tries hard to get another job, but eventually runs through all their savings and still has no job, they are put in a very difficult situation which often makes them lose hope. These ppl are not losers. They can be good ppl who have fallen to difficult circumstances.

Midnightpromise, I have no idea what the options were for these 3 but I imagine IF they were jobless with no money left, they FELT these were the only 2 choices they had left, and perhaps in reality that was their only options left. I dont know, but I do think for ppl to resort to suicide they must feel somewhat forced into the decision based on their personal circumstances. I cant imagine ppl choosing suicide if they could see a better way out. There may be a better way out but I don`t think they see it. Therefore, I can have pity for such ppl.

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