Three missing at Ibaraki beaches


Three swimmers were reported missing at different beaches in Ibaraki Prefecture on Tuesday.

According to rescue officials, eight classmates were swimming at Nikkawahama in Kamisu City when a 14-year-old boy suddenly went missing just after 10 a.m. In the second incident, a 30-year-old Korean man disappeared in the water at Shimotsu Beach in Kashima City just after noon. And finally, at 3 p.m., a 13-year-old boy was swept away at Hirai Beach.

Police and rescuers continued their search at all three locations on Wednesday morning.

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The surf wasn't so big on Tuesday. Hirai beach is one of the most popular beaches in Ibaraki yet, there are no lifeguards and they want to charge you ¥800 to park your car there in summer, which really P's-me-off cos the beach gets disgustingly dirty and covered in garbage, both domestic and industrial. Where does all the money go from parking fees? Lining some fat-cat's pocket, no doubt. It definitely doesn't go towards beach cleaning or lifeguards.

Note to all Japanese people: Stay out of the surf!

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Wonder if there is a correlation between the earthquakes and these mishaps. I always worry that the reactionary locals dont quite know how to interpret data and deliver information.

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Probably abucted by a North Korean sub...

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Yep, sad state of affairs on these beaches. Take the money and run, no safety precautions at all.

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