To the moo-n: Cow dung fuels Japan's space ambitions

By Hiroshi HIYAMA

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This article reeks of bovine excrement.

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I'm constantly amazed by the way researchers put ideas like this into practice. It's great to see such progress by humanity.

I didn't realize until recently just how important things like biowaste/biomass could be in achieving net zero. It's a huge area:

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An area of huge potential that is rarely talked about and is currently a net cost as it is disposed of is human waste, mostly concentrated in cities now it would be easy to collect and ferment in to biogas. We need complex infrastructure to safely dispose of it anyway so it’s just a change of process to derive a benefit rather than a cost.

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The cows must be very proud.

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Methane from excreta has been around for a long time-the theory and practice has been substantiated.

Every opportunitity I get,I bring it up but the moderators in their ignorance delete my comments

Well, here it is JT moderators!

Don’t like it then delete the article!

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Pig manure was used for a source of biogas in the film "Mad Max, Beyond the Thunderdome." And much like oil today, an embargo was used to achieve nefarious ends.

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Biomethane. Man goes where only cows have gone before.

We studied this in an Environmental Economics class I matriculated way back around 1980/81 in my undergraduate days along with technologies like pyrolysis.

Landfills in California typically capture methane generated from the waste and burn it in small on site power plants.

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Out there in Anandwan or the Forest of Bliss in the Global South, cows and buffaloes are important companion species. The bulls support their ploughing activities. Cows and buffaloes provide milk in abundance. For cooking food thrice a day for over 3000 people, the serial entrepreneurs have installed biogas plants that run on cow dung as the main ingredient.

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